I Thought of You

Dear GB,

Somebody once said, the word GB (God’s Best) is not to be defined as the guy which single Christian ladies are waiting all their life to come. God’s Best is simply defined as the life God has given you, walking together with Him all the days of your life. Because even there is someone you think is meant for you or there is none, God’s love is more than enough in this lifetime, especially onto eternity. Thus, I have a hard time thinking what other names should I call you aside from GB (when I have promised myself that I’ll stop hunting already) but I later realize that I’ll still call you that. You know, I love to write letters. Writing letters for you is something I always loved to do. So here I am, yet again.

I saw Gary V’s special TV episode earlier today. I stand teary-eyed how his family is so bonded together–the song they sung as a family touched my heart. And I found myself hoping that someday I’ll have a family like that–God is in the center of their relationship and it shows inside out. It’s amazing how faithful God is to His children who are truly faithful to Him–that even their family serves as an inspiration to the people they encounter in their lives. I would love to have something like that in the future. Are you a fan of those things too?

However, at my rate now, I have a lot of growing up to do before I get the chance to finally meet you and have a family like that in the future. I believe that I’m still young and I need to work on my relationship with my Father first before anything else. Isn’t it nice when we have been sustained and are complete with Jesus in our hearts and lives? When such, we could be capable of a much healthier relationship together. (How many ‘relationship’, ‘family’ and ‘in the future’ word did I say already? Ha!)

I’m still a work in progress. When I shine out God-like character in my life and is in a strong walk with Him shall I have the time to entertain you. So for now, nor the following year and next, I will be getting ready. To fulfill what Christ wants for me is on my top list. Meeting you though, would have to wait. But I pray, when we two meet, we both are ready by that time.

Let’s continue to pray for each other so we can arrive to that stage, okay?

Loyal forever,