Just Because…

I’m busy this whole week that doesn’t mean I can’t take a five minute time off from all the work, thus, here I am showing off some photo art I’ve done during the non-busy-30-to-40-minutes in random days:


This is from May-bondings in Batangas with Bud and Lyks. I thought it’d be cool to do the collage-ing since we got plenty of nice shots there (some of it, I wasn’t able to fit in the collage), however, it all turned out as a people-photo since anywhere you look, you’ll see our gorgeous faces! HAHA.


This one is a series of successful jump shots of myself (I’m so good, I know!)! The one on the top is taken in La Union while the other two in Batangas (during my bonding with Bud and Lyks).


This one is a transition from Miss Messy to Freshy! These pictures were taken over the weekend when I had to be an errand girl. And I think, I still am for this whole week due to our Training Activities at (my beloved school) PUP! Woot! ;)

I am loving to collage these days for no certain reason. I’m enjoying it for the record. HAHA. Anyhooo, I need to go back on working.

Ooops! Hold on! I need to plug this:

Happiness + Joy + Love! :)