Raising White Flag

I never knew if you have figured me out
I was affright to ask
I always wanted to tell you how you make me feel
You didn’t get my words, though
But yours was clear

I hoped for luck that I could never get
I bargained for destiny way out of my league
My mind told me to stop
I guess, my heart was numb to even listen
Silently wishing for Mr. Chances to favor my side

Then fate had to perform its duties one day
I felt as if it’s a bit cruel on me doing such
When it caught me off guard to know
That you found your shooting star
The kind, you said, you’ll never let go of

And all the magic ended
All the sparks flew away
It’s like going three phases back
Where our books are sealed
On a Chapter called Wishful-thinking and Possibilities

~finally I wrote a poem again but this one’s not kinda good. I guess, when I’m on my down-point I can’t really write good materials. Nevertheless, I’ll settle for this now. And oh yes, I need some practicing on my poem writing again.

It’s coming to an end. No more chasing pavements. Okay, so this is the point where everybody should surrender their own battles. :)

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