I Am MacArthur!

Oh wow, how long have I gone? WordPress iOS 5 got this text formats already (Bold, Italicize, Underline, Strike-through, etc.). Hopefully they add the text colors in the near future! Ha! Anyways…

HOLLER! It’s been, what? Almost a month or two since I’ve been out of the blog lights. It’s so good to be officially back! Yay! The past months were busy months, and true enough, time flies and it’s nearing the month of Christmas celebrations already! So what happened to me?

I’m not really all gone when I decided to blog fast the last time. There are days that I still check the blog, only, I don’t post posts and take my time to write whatever it is that I thought of writing on a certain day. Wow. It seemed like I write-fast over there. Well, me blogging is like me sharing some random thoughts about me, about other people or just about anything and everything–wanting to inspire, aspire or just simply appreciate everything wonderful. I feel more free when I write than when I talk because I can think through my words before I can actually post them. And besides, I think I make more sense when I write although I really love to talk. HAHA. My Tumblr account, though, is the proof that I’m still blogging–only more on photos–the past months. I just decided to come back a little later here on WordPress.

My battle is an on-going process. I still fail sometimes on the things I should be doing and exerting my efforts to. It’s just amazing how our good Lord picks us up from the way we are and brings us back to His presence. His love never changes but we always run away. It’s so stubborn of us, you know? We find it hard to obey, when in obeying, we will live more abundantly, peacefully and joyfully with His presence.

I just realized how He makes things easy for us to do if only we would learn to discipline ourselves and follow His commandments. It’s for our own good. That’s how he loves us. If that’s not a total wow-er, I dunno what is. It was in the times I disobeyed that I found it hardest to live my life; I was empty and I don’t know what to do or how to do something right. Ha! It was foolish of me to think I can resolve my problems within myself by myself and I walk alone without actually doing what He tells me to. I’m telling you, that’s tiring. It’s like going on a sick cycle carousel.

I do. I still have struggles. Hey, I’m not perfect. I’m far from being one. Nonetheless, to not loose focus should be on top of my head. My life wouldn’t be hard if I let Him take over it. Oh yes! Please pray for me every time, alright? I need those. And if you’re a friend, your words on me would be helpful.

Thank you dear Dad for everything.


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