Ten O’Clock

It’s like I can love you forever and it’s never gonna end
It’s like I can stay here beside you even if you just call me friend
I can write you a poem even as I’m walking in the street
Or stay dreaming in my bed
The thought of you is just mind-blowing; an art well-created

The rays of the sun under the shade of the trees
The cool wind or warm breeze
The sunset would be lovely if you’re with me
While dancing with our feet in the sand of the sea

Will you laugh with me when I can’t drop my punch lines?
Will you hold my hand and wish on a falling star in the midnight?
Is it too late for imagination, or a fairy tale, at least?
Is it too late for you, for me, or for us? Is it too late for this?

It’s like I can love you and stay beside you forever
It’s like you just left me but there’s a fight I can’t surrender

~wrote this while I’m headed home last September. My dear friend Myla, asked (we’re texting, you see) me to sing out some songs and I gave her a phrase I thought of and saved on my phone the last time. Then momentum came in and the rest was history. She’s gonna put a rhythm to this I-dunno-what-sense-you-can-get lyrics in I-dunno-when. HAHA.

We are some crazy vixens who writes out inappropriate feelings for the moonlight breeze and the stars to hear. You bet? Cheers!


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