5 Interesting Things About Someday Dream

Known to be the Filipino version of Owl City, Rez Toledo a.k.a. Somedaydream started his career only two years ago as an Internet sensation. Today, his music can be enjoyed not only on the radio but on television ads as well. As his fans—aptly called Dreamers—continue to multiply, Rez makes sure he delivers only happiness and love through his music.

Mentored and managed by Champ Lui-Pio (ex-Hale vocalist turned solo artist), the first OPM electronic act has launched his self-titled debut album that’s set to dominate hit charts. Rez spills on how normal his life is, despite his blossoming career.

He’s friends with his fans. So you think famous people are snobs? Not Rez! He makes it a point to connect with his fans by managing his own Facebook account and actively updating his Twitter. He also enjoys spending time with them.

He’s very appreciative. Rez never forgets to thank his fans for their tweets, Wall posts, and the like. And because he’s into art, he thinks it’s absolutely sweet to get personalized drawings, doodles, and pop-up cards from his creative fans.

He has a secret to his awesome performances. Before going onstage, Rez sees to it that he gets help from a special someone; he prays just before he performs. He also listens to upbeat music to get an instant mood boost!

He spends his free time with the people he loves. Despite his balancing act between career and school, Rez makes it a point to spend time with the people dear to him. When he’s free, he watches a movie with his friends. At home, he watches The Walking Dead on TV, or goes online, which he confesses to do all the time. He also thinks about creating more music, and, of course, he daydreams, too!

If given a chance, he wants to be… no one else! When asked whom he wants to trade places with, he confidently says, “I would not want to do that. I would rather be me.” And why not? If we were in his shoes, we’d say the same. He’s got a self-titled debut album, singles heard nationwide, and a fast growing number of loyal fans—what’s not to love?

Rez’s debut album, Somedaydream, is available in Astroplus branches.

Grabbed this article at Candymagdotcom. For more of this post, click HERE.

Even as I’m ngarag at work, I need to post this. HAHA. Enjoy Dreamers! :D

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