Moodboard: Be the Difference.

Three years ago, I wondered as to what could be the purpose of my life and my connection with God.

You know, I grew up aware of the Christian values and all that; however, one important thing I’ve learned is that Christianity hits more on the Personal Core Department–it’s more of a choice. It’s a choice to follow Christ, to live a life in a clean slate, to be renewed. And up until now, I’m still learning. Most times, I had failed; I was given countless chances and then failed again; stood up, then a little bit later, falling back again. Sometimes I just can give up on myself but God’s grace abides. I’ve been saying this in the entirety of this blog, He never gave up on me. He’s patiently waiting on me / on us, He simply can’t give up. Imagine the love, He died on the cross for us. He wanted every bit of best things for our lives but because of our stubbornness, we forfeit some of those beyond-amazing blessings.

To this day, I am learning what God wanted me to do. Sometimes, I think, it’s applicable for everyone too. As a Christian, we are told to be salt and light to this world and to the people we encounter here. Whatever we have is something that He entrusted to us–we are responsible for it. What do we do with what He has given is what could really count.

I actually feel that, at ALL times, I should exude Christ in me for other people. It’s like, whatever I do, I should think is that what God would do if He’s in my case. Will Jesus act like how I’m acting; what will He do if He’s in my situation; things like that. Do you get me? Or my senses are rumbled up again? It’s just like, I need to shine out to other people the attitude of Christ–his great love and compassion, encouragement and patience, those things that I know He is. I think that’s the ‘difference’ I wanted to achieve–through my attitude (Christ-likeness), I could bring people to light and to God (their real freedom). That brings me joy too when I’m able to do that. I don’t really know if I explained what I’m trying to say real well, but yeah.

We all can make a difference–no matter how we define the ‘difference’ we wanna achieve. At the goal line, it’s the deal with you and your Father. :)



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