Very Oddly Hunk Buddy!

If there’s one guy who truly captured my paghanga way back college days, tis him!

Dear world, I would like to introduce you to my Buddy, Mark Louis Sayat!

He is a gentleman at heart, although soft, still he got that thing of kindness and true sweetness going on for his lady friends somewhere there. He got wits; he got looks; he got fashion and passion; and, he got a blood of a writer! Authentic Filipino talent lang friends!

To the guy who believe in the happiness found in simple things; who taught me how to dougie start a blog and give an ummmph in writing an entry; who, because of his humbleness and talent, could really be a famous writer someday…..

May you seek genuine relationship with the Big Guy up There and for sure, you’ll never miss any great thing in your life. May you be blessed in whatever you do and do your best for God!

I’m always gonna be a fan of yours! Keep that in heart! ;)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY! Have a great one! :D

Do blog again, will you?