Will Not Get Tired of You

She is a lovely creature–pure with joy, peace and happiness. She is a dreamer and I believe that she’ll make those dreams come true soon. She is a blessing to the people around her that they loved hanging out with her from dusk ’til dawn. She’s this blog’s number one supporter (see all those votes after each of my posts? It’s her doing.). She is one of God’s princesses. She is Mary Khay and she is my Bestfriend! :)


I’ll never know how my future will look like without this gorge lady (haha.. Madrama.) right there. She knew most of my secrets that I only share with the people I truly trust; but most of the time, she spill all the beans especially when it comes to my crushes! That’s how crazy she is! I really hate that sometimes, then again, what choice do I have? HAHA.

Dear Best, I only pray for the best of the best for your life–family, career and falalalalooove (woot woot for Zooey!)! :D I know that you have a lot of faith and I pray that you’ll continue to strengthen that each and everyday. I’m always here for you, darling! And please, don’t compare–you are specialest special there ever was! HAHA. Walang sawaan ‘to!



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