For Feasting of the Soul

I’ll be out of blog lights for a week. I’ll be joining our church’s Prayer and Fasting Week, hence, I’ll also fast on visiting any forms of social media. Please pray that I’ll have the focus all throughout the week. Thank you. :)

See you next week!

I can also pray for you, send in your prayer requests by commenting below. :D

4 thoughts on “For Feasting of the Soul

    • Sadly, if you have read my posts after that, I wasn’t able to finish the fast (5th to 7th day) and I was really disappointed with myself on that. :/ Breakthroughs? Well, I felt that I really needed to have my relationship with God in a whole new level–when I find the joys of reaching His heart then, I shall find myself too. Things like that (if I’m making any sense at all. Heehee.).

      • Aww.. I started my first two days of fasting in Malaysia, then two days in another country, then the rest here in Manila. It was a terribly hard experience especially when the people I’m with did not entirely understand it but it was all fulfilling, my biggest breakthrough was him.Of course you are making sense. Here’s to wishing you find yourself more in your walk with Him.

      • Yes. Sometimes it’s gonna be hard…but we’re ought to endure it so that we could come up stronger. :) Thanks, Mars! I pray that you/us will have a strong walk with our dear Daddy! :)

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