Jireh 101

Last Sunday, after almost one year of saving (talk about salaries and all that first-job-firsthand-money-and-budgeting experience), I was able to buy my own laptop!

Oh sweet niblets! The thought that you actually got something out of your blood, sweat and tears. Well, what this really is? A blessing. I won’t be able to afford this if not for the Big Guy up there who gave me a job and a mom who helps me (she’s firm) with the whole ‘saving’ thing. And look at what obedience brought–if only I had started and not get all too magastos, I would’ve had this since last year. But I didn’t. So this must be the right time.

I only got this laptop back from the technician today. Yesterday, actually, it’s already Saturday. I gave it to him Tuesday and got it back Friday. I am just starting to explore the gadget now–and this OneNote here is new to me. It’s can be your one stop, one notebook for all your agendas (what I love is that you can blog from here–wicked coolness!). I gotta say that it’s cool, though.

Here, look…

Anyhoooz, granny goose…

As you well know, if you are my friend, I love to name my things. For me, naming them gives more connection and ownership (plus the sentimental value). I made sure that the names that I give to my things have their meanings because their names define them. Or sometimes not. I’m crazy like that. For example, my phone’s name is Given–I didn’t buy it, it was ‘literally’ given by mother way back second year college. Hence, the name. Another is Viktor, my iPod, which was gifted by my aunt from Japan for graduation–it’s a victorious feeling to finish college and so does having a Steve Job work of art at your fingertips. I also got Selah, an mp3 which I’m not using anymore :(; Mini Cooper, my USB who seemed to broom away to the where-are-you-now land since I always forgetting it at the computer cafes until I finally had lost it; Jurassic, the I think oldest IBM laptop model given by my other aunt which crashed down just last month :(; and other things, like our neighbour’s cat which I changed the name from Tikyo to Snowball. Ha!

And so, what do you expect for me to think when I got this laptop? The name. :)

I don’t know what to name it at first. I got a couple of choices: Amal, Axel, Someday, Blessing, Favor (but I got to eliminate this because my aunt’s car was named such, so it’s a drop-off). One name did stand out, it’s from my friend Mari, and it’s Jireh.

Jireh is very common name in the Hebrew language which means ‘it is provided’. And our good Lord is named Jehovah Jireh, a provider. And I believe that He provided this for me, ergo, dear internet, meet Jireh! :P

Me and this guy will have one too many getting-to-know-you moments. Hihi.

For this, and all the undeserved blessings, thank You Big Guy! Fistbump.

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