Touchdown, Baguio!

This is a late post! Forgive me? :)

When I was young (not that I’m so old now, but you get what I mean), I haven’t had lots of experiences of going out of the Metro since we haven’t had budget then. See, my mom was a single parent and we really had quite a lot of hard times then (I will have to do a separate entry for this); ergo, travelling was not that of a priority . Thank God, though, we are able / starting to do it now.

Last (year) Holy Week, we–mother, brother, me + Tita Vi’s family–visited our relatives in La Union and had a quick drop-off at Vigan. And it seems like we’re enjoying North so much, this time we went to Baguio–a relief from the intense heat in Manila! Oh boy, I was just so giddy because it is, ladies and gentlemen, my First time in the City of Pines! Haha. I know, right? Super late-bloomer lang ang peg.

Anyhooo, we travelled at around 4am. It was still dark, but I tell you, traffic was just amazing–a lot of people were on the road already.

It would be a long ride going to Baguio but it wouldn’t bore you if you got your family, cute cousins, and tons of music with you! Oh, did I mention sight-seeing would be cool at this point too?

You would pass through provinces like Tarlac and Pampanga and at this time, some of the people there were doing their yearly Holy Week penitence–carrying the cross and then eventually would be hanged there or hitting their backs with something sharp that would leave it bleeding all the way through to where they were supposed to go. By doing these, they believed that they would become somewhat nearer as to what Christ had done for them / for us 2000 years ago by reliving it and that it would pay up for their sins. It’s the culture there. But personally, I don’t really approve of it and I hope that that kind of culture would stop because we don’t have to do it anymore, you know, to pay up for our sins . Christ died on the cross 2000 years ago to clear our debt to sins. That’s how He loved us; He wanted a relationship with us. Agree? Orayt.

By 10-11am, we headed for a quick stop over (Pangasinan at this time) to go grab something to eat. What’s the best way to beat the summer heat? Eat Razon’s halo-halo! That will do it for’ya! That we do too! Oh, in Pangasinan, Razon’s halo-halo is only P65 (P30 cheaper than in Manila and it’s much yummier, di ba Brother?)!

Lo and behold, an hour after lunch, we’re saying hello to Baguio na! Weeee! (I believe this is Kenon Road kase the Lion’s here eh! :P)

And there’s a lot of pasalubong items from here pa lang!

Lookey lookey, we found Stitch!

We arrived in the afternoon where the sun was at its peak. It wasn’t cold as I expected it would be–winter-cold kase yung nasa isip ko, yung exagge lang! HAHA. But, although King Sun was so welcoming, he wasn’t as scorching as he would be like when you meet him in Manila. Plus, when the wind blew your direction, it really is presko! Sarap! HAHA.

Our first stop was the Burnham Park to find somewhere to eat because we are definitely starving upon arrival. This is the famous park in Baguio; it’s like a key place you could go to. We weren’t able to scout the whole place, though–I wasn’t able to go biking and all that. Boo. :/

Fresh strawberyy taho + the view from your balcony = perfect way to start your freezy morning! :)

I’m so addicted doing these kinds of photographs with trees and Mr. Sun as subject. Nature is the best! More of Baguio was our agenda the following day… And so, we go…

There were a lot of people at Mines View, I cannot even take a decent picture of it. Ugh!

We visited the strawberry farm also! It’s fun picking strawberries (and then eating them as soon as you picked them while no one’s looking)! HAHA. There were lettuces and broccolis around the farm too–guaranteed fresh, I tell you!

My ultimate fave spot in Baguio is found at Camp John Hay–the Cemetery of Negativism. No, it’s not what you think, I thought of that too at first. But, Cemetery of Negativism is a place where you burry all your self-imposed infliction, your most limiting factor and your heavy burdens. These were my favorite tombstones. The idea was just really cool!

Our last destination was at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) where we went gaga having our pictures taken with the marines, soldiers, navy, etc. My iPod doesn’t do justice on these pictures, but promise, Baguio was way lot beautiful than these. You should go see for yourself if you haven’t been in the place.

What I really noticed about Baguio was its greens! There are a lot of trees–Pines! And it made me happy because I love to be surrounded by tons of them. And so, I was disturbed about these SM plans of earth-balling them for their car park. Come on!

Baguio was really beautiful. Stick with greens and save the trees!

XOXO, Ninsy

4 thoughts on “Touchdown, Baguio!

  1. I’ve been to Baguio many, many times but never get tired of coming back. Looks like you guys had a grand time. Thanks for sharing this post, brings back many happy memories of times I spent there =)

    • Hello Mars (ang cool ng name mo)!

      I’m glad that it brought back memories for you (for me, I built new memories there since it’s my first time–late bloomer eh). You should the place soon, if you haven’t for years, I think there are many changes na there but Baguio is still beautiful. :)

      Have a great day today, loves (feeling close ako)! :) God bless!


      • Oh hey, someone thinks my name’s cool! That’s new Haha Because I always, always turn my head when groups and throngs of women call each other Mars :)

        Last year was the latest, and yes I really look forward to going there again soon. Especially with this kind of heat in Manila. You have a fantastic day ahead dear! Cheers!

      • Haha! Oo nga, “Kumare” lang ang peg nun. Pero, it really is a cool name! (Namiss ko bigla ang Sailormoon…Kidds!)

        Yes, Baguio’s climate is a relief from Manila heat. Haha. Have a great week, dear! :)

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