Retrospect From The Behind

I am not a writer ‘writer‘ – those who can descriptively narrate the details of a certain event from ‘I remember ugly green walls and a clock that hung above the classroom door.’ to ‘Most of us just counted down the minutes until the clock hit 4:30. After that, it was beautiful chaos.’ just like Isa Garcia. I may not be like that – much to my chagrin – but today I decided to give it a try…..uh- huh, a try, and so you have to be easy on me!

When people are waking up early (than they normally do) even when they still wanna play rock-a-bye-baby on the background or any classic-sy music for that matter; when they are taking up heavy meals for breakfast, or for some (like me), none at all; when they forget to comb their hair or tuck their clothes; when they sweat like falling tears from their forehead to their eyes because they’re in the middle of a traffic jam and they only got a few minutes before something would be deducted from their salaries because of the precious five minutes of time – then, that must certainly be the start of the week: a Monday.

Monday. I came in at the office 15 minutes late (I know, this must be an attitude changed) and went over a couple of meetings with the boss for my deliveries for the next two months. Did I ever told you that when I am to talk with my boss, I get kinda stressed out? Not because my boss is ever scary at all – no. Not because she’s too demanding that I can’t produce an outcome anymore – no. My boss is probably one of those bosses who you can be honest with, laugh with, talk-about-random-stuff-like-wishing-Jessica-Sanchez-could-still-reach-Top-Two-in-AI11 with and all those things. She’s super patient with you and gives you your required extra grace and goes extra miles from that. But why am I scared? I don’t know too, now. Ha! I guess, it’s because, she’s telling me my responsibilities and I ought to comply with it in the best way I can somehow. I am scared because I don’t want to disappoint her and fail and make a mistake. I know, I shouldn’t be pleasing myself and my boss (although you need to live up to their expectations sometimes). I know I need to please the real Boss who puts me where I am and doing what I do.

The whole meeting (from me to the bookkeeper) lasted until 7pm. We parted ways at around 7:15. My usual route going home is to ride the LRT (Anonas to Pureza Station), then take two jeepney rides from there. But last Monday I took on a different route (the route I take when I’m going to church after office) for my mother and I were to meet at Megamall.


Earphones plugged in, Mraz playing on the background, random things, wishes and dreams running on my mind and the train fast approaching – it’s a normal day after all, I thought. And so I hopped inside, stood near the train door since I’m only one station away from my next stop. In my peripherals, I saw this guy and practically noticed him because of that loud shouting orange shirt he’s wearing. However, I just ignored the thought of him and be on my thinking-random-things-I-can-think-of mode and alighted at once when the train stopped at my destination.

When I’m alone, I walk fast – it’s my normal walk walk while I’m trying to observe the people around me. It’s relaxing, you see, when you people-watch. Just then I spotted this loud-shouting-orange-shirt guy from the train following (again, from the corner of my eyes) me. Or is he really? I don’t know. But because I’m like in a Walkathon, I thought, maybe he’s in a hurry and because I’m like Super-Walk-Girl-who-can-get-her-way-out-of-the-crowded-mall-in-seconds, he followed me. On a second thought, well, he can pass through me if he wanted to. And after three minutes of I-think-he’s-following-me; maybe-he’s-just-tripping-and-I’m-the-victim; and, although-that-maybe-the-case-he-is-still-weird-and-freaky-doing-so thoughts, he finally decided to part ways from me. And oh boy, was I relieved. There were times that I’m trying to peek at his face to see what he looked like – I’m a girl, you know, wishing that he’s a cute guy and all that. Haha! But then, another thought came in, what if he’s a thief or whatever. Did I mention how wild my thoughts can get? But the guy is decent-looking, from the impression I got after a glimpse on his face: Promise, I Am Not A Thief.

I slowed my phase as I am nearing the MRT station – feeling my music once again, it’s Switchfoot’s turn on singing me lullabies. As I’m waiting for the next train to Ortigas, my peripherals registered a familiar color again. And there he was, that popping orange shirt guy, behind me again. I was a bit surprised and I thought it was kinda funny – the way I think he followed me around, departed from me (because I certainly thought that he thought he’s freaking me out already), and the both of us just dumbfounded at each other’s presence in the same line entrance of the MRT station. It’s just funny. And quite freaky. Haha!

Yesterday, Thursday, my peripherals saw the same humor again. Although he wasn’t behind me most of the time this time, and he’s not wearing a popper-eye shirt, we still saw (I am not sure if he notices it too, though) each other at the MRT station. And I find that cute. I didn’t see him all the while going to MRT but saw him where we surprisingly saw each other that humid Monday night. Don’t you think it’s kinda cute? And two times weird? Haha. It’s just funny – freaky funny.

The lesson: nothing. HAHA! Nada. Zilch. It’s just that, this life, our life is unpredictable and humorous at the same time. There will be weird things – with strangers or persons you’ve known for years. It could be freaky or way out of line or funny. Whatever it is, we ought to just find the happy moments in there, in that particular time, particular moment. Observe. Remember. Don’t forget.


3 thoughts on “Retrospect From The Behind

  1. for some weird reason, I really remembered that sad, depressed guy I always shared the train going home back in freshman year college. then after a month or so, he just vanished. oh well, you story reminded me of the song my Elliot Yamin. don’t ask me why, I don’t know. haha!

      • can’t keep on loving you. (it’s hard to find the words to get to know a stranger). I sort of wrote a train-short-love-story because of that song. haha. i mean, how kilig would it be if there’s someone watching you ride the train everyday, waiting for a chance to strike a convo, right? haha. and well, let’s wait with the blogging. :D

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