Non Placet of Effervescence

You leave me with the wrong impressions
And I’m not ready for complications
But why can’t I stay away?
Why can’t I just stay away from you?

I’ve barricaded my heart, braced myself
Never again am I letting anyone in
But how come with just one smile
You sent the locks flying away?

I’m here in my corner, clutching a book
At peace with myself, heart’s tucked safe
Then you just had to happened, don’t you?
You sent a raging storm that disrupted my universe

I know I’m still denying it, but I have to
I’m never gonna admit your effect on me
No one’s ever gonna know what you do
To my heart every time we meet

In a month or two, this turmoil will be gone
Your charisma will wear off, and I’m gonna be fine
Back to the same old, same old
Not too colorful but it’s my comfort zone

Unless I can be sure that you’re gonna catch me
There’s no way that I am letting myself fall
I know it’s better this way, I’m sure of this
My peaceful universe is all I will ever gonna need

~This is written by Marichelle Boiles; she allowed me to publish this since she’s never gonna publish it on her blog – like she’s never gonna ever admit her feelings for a possible true love. This is her, writing her heart out for the PTM guy (I forgot what PTM means). She’s a super writer, see?

P.S.: it’s I who gave the title. Whatcha think? Did I get it right? :)


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