I Agree. It’s Magic Beans.

I’ve always find comfort in being with group of friends or close relatives or just about other people. It makes you feel like you belong. It makes you feel like you’re not an outcast in a world where being alone is synonymous to uncool. Like everybody else, until today, I still, you know, want to be cool – to fit in and not to be out of place, to simply belong.

When I was growing up, I don’t know how can a person be happy when they have no one there with them – when walking in the streets, buying clothes at the mall, eating in a restaurant, etc. There’s no one to talk to, to laugh with, to sing with, to mess around with. How’s that? I mean, how could someone be in a state of cloud nine moments when on that? Aloneness, I thought, is not a negotiable-withstandable art of life.



Aloneness… turns out to be fine. And not just fine fine, but, it’s okay, it’s alright, it’s actually cool. Sooner or later you got to learn that the people you always expect to be there won’t always be there. Leaving is an integral part of life. Ending signifies a new beginning. I all the more appreciated alone time when the real world strikes up with a flash in my eyes. It made me realize that the wind won’t always turn the right way around, the waves do come and go, the day always ends in a night. And people, friends, or whoever else are also like that – once upon a time they are in your life and swoosh! and they’re gone. And you got to deal with it and it meant to be dealt more of your time alone.

But you see, the time you spent with yourself is your Me Time – you do something for yourself to escape the hustles and bustles of the busy construction road of life to take a most deserved rest to think things over, to mend a broken heart, to gather a lost self-esteem, to be weird and be disgusting, to just talk with your Master. Through aloneness, you listen more, you understand more, you observe more, you can eat more, you can write more, you can be yourself more.

Tonight, I’m on the eat and write more mode of my Me Time. And this Big N’ Tasty is some big help (which will let you end with a big ogre burp!). :)

Never ever be deceived that being alone is totally not cool. Because I tell you, it is. There is peace and freedom and independence in a new kind of level. It’s coolness in a whole new kind of level too. And besides, you got to learn more about yourself – what you hate, what you like, what annoys you, what angers you, what makes you fall in love. Aloneness gives you a special relationship you can have in this world: a relationship with yourself and eventually, a relationship with the most perfect Gentleman who always has your best interest at heart, and he’s name is Jesus. :)

When being with other people is like blowing dandelions in summer time, being alone is being able to see dandelions you blew when the weather isn’t perfectly fine. Interrelationship is just as important as your intrarelationship. So, find some time with yourself and you might just discover a whole new you you haven’t known for quite a while now. It’s true what Isabel said about being alone, it is, indeed, magic beans! :)

Things I love (learned to love or is still on the process of loving) to do when I’m alone:
•Going to the parlor and getting my nails and hair done.
•Dining somewhere I haven’t been before.
•Eating / drinking something I haven’t ate / drunk before (of course with exception of alcoholic beverages).
•Reading books.
•Writing entries for my blog(s) – napakafeeling writer lang!
•Traveling or commuting with John Mayer or Jason Mraz or Lifehouse or Switchfoot or whoever artists in my playlists playing on the background (this is my best Me Time!)
•People watching.
•Buying stuff for myself.
•Talking to myself or to the Big Guy.
•Doing things out of spontaneity.

What about you? What do you love doing when you’re alone?

Well, whatever it is, I hope you find joy in the stillness of just being with yourself. Life is somehow celebrated that way.


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