Date A Girl Who People-Watch

Date a girl who enjoys some of her time being alone, not because she doesn’t want to be around too many people, but because she knows this is a perfect time to know people.

She’s kind of spontaneous, she goes places unplanned, she does things out of her checklists for the day, she talks to herself (there are times that it can be loud, but just let her do her own thing, she knows when to snap out of it), she makes decisions that can be quite messy and all over the place at times, but, her guilty-pleasure, the very thing she finds delight in doing (aside from grocery shopping) is people-watching. The presence of beaucoup of people in a mall, a park, a subway station, or perhaps anywhere / everywhere is like counting constellations of stars in the night sky for her eyes. For her, it’s kind of a weird-yet-enjoyable side of beautiful.

And no, she’s not the type who makes fun of someone else’s fashion sense, she’s aware that we all got our own frames which serves as the clay in molding our freedom in expressing our own beliefs. She watch people for a number of reasons (and I hope you know that we have reasons that are apart from each others’ convictions and that’s okay… at some point): (a) she doesn’t makes fun of people’s fashion sense but she loves to see how people carry out themselves with their own fashion statements (it’s very interesting if you try and keep an eye with those around you – some are festive and others are plain and there are those who make it to your list of I Would Want to Wear That Someday); (b) she is a curious one, wanting to find out why someone acts in a way that can be mind-boggling at times (this counts for people-watching both friends and strangers); (c) it’s from people who she finds inspiration to do things in life – be loud and letting others hear your voice, say things that you mean and say things that you don’t, go and grow through the pain of losing, it’s okay not to agree all the time, make mistakes, embrace failure, live your life (“participate”). You must know that watching these people inspires her to do her craft, like for one, writing. She brings forth a backpack of everything she’s gone through with everyone she’s been through in a day to whatever she writes or posts in her journal, blog, Instagram, twitter or wherever medium she deems necessary to share her experience with people, with life.

If you still don’t get it, let me tell you, a girl who people-watch can all this time be watching you. But please don’t freak out too much if you caught her staring at you, although, she’ll veer away from eye contact the soonest you get to notice her. You must know, sometimes, she focuses her attention to just one person in the room or at the bus stop or while just walking around. And if you happen to be that person, please don’t threaten her bold eyes seeking for someone to remember from an entire day of activity.Because if you happen to be that person, you’ll probably live for eternity, at least in her journal, because she’s gonna be writing about you. You’ll be immortalized (not only in paper, but, somewhere in her mind or heart too).

Date a girl who people-watch because she can bring herself in understanding you. She’ll know every little detail about you just by observing you: your favorite tv show, kind of music, food you’re allergic to, things that touch the depths of your soul, etcetera etcetera. She can recall the way she felt when she first met you to the day you became friends with her. She always sees a lot of potential in everyone she bumps into along the way, including you. She’s generous in giving praises to people who deserves it (and for her, everyone deserves a tap at the back like those words of encouragement which shines brightly like the sun; for her, everyone deserves to get a recognition for whatever little or big he/she does).

If you find her, wreck her mind by exceeding her expectations or her current standards, let her know that she can go beyond her thoughts and fly. Sometimes she can be all too calculated, hold her hand or just push her at the edge of a cliff to go bungee jumping or at the edge of a plane to go sky diving, make her try out new things she fears on doing. When you jumble up her mind on things she thinks she knows of, she’d go crazy, but she would appreciate it at best. As she watches people, let her feel that you’re watching her, that someone’s waiting for her on the other side of the river. Don’t watch her for a lot of reasons, watch her just because. Here’s a hint, she thinks just because is a good answer because it calms her when you do what you do for no sane reasons at all. Give her that hope or make her hope for things that could be categorized as wild. Either that or… just that… just because… because. :)

Let me tell you one more thing, she would love to hang out at coffee shops (although she’s not a coffee addict). When she was a teenager, she thought she’ll be meeting her dashing prince while she’s there. That the prince would just be observing her from a far while she’s observing others a.k.a her “prospect prince” she goes drink up her Chocolate Cream Chip frappé (or, Caffe Americano, on days when she’s sick) and writes on her journal or finish a random book that she always have in her bag. Don’t you know, coffee shops are a fun place to watch people? *winks* And then fate had to step in and she will be forgetting her journal or the book and the prince will return it to her and they will live happily ever after.

That’s right, the girl who loves to watch people, hopes on true love. She hopes on it just as she hopes that those people she observes carefully at have found theirs or may find their other half in the time they least expect it to be. She believes in fairy tales, pixie dusts, and guess what, happy endings!

So, when you see her, she might be a little awkward but she always have the widest smile and the warmest heart when you got to know each other. And even if she doesn’t talk about a lot of things at first, let her bombard you with her glances and stares, she just likes to memorize faces, especially, the eyes. Oh, also your smile.

Date a girl who watches people because for sure, she’ll introduce you to a new kind of bizarre – in just about everyone you’ll meet along the way. You’ll begin to see people in new light and you’ll be able to love their imperfections. The girl who loves to watch people is not perfect herself. And it’s okay. She tries to live the real kind of living. The kind where you’ll enjoy life even it kicks you straight to your stomach or badly bruise your knees.

This girl had always been observing you from hindsight and it’s time for you to notice her. Date the girl who people-watch.

***Hi people of the Internet! This is my contribution to the Date a Girl series that’s been going on since last year. Haha! Have a great weekend! Cheers!***

On going about life and echoing the ripple on a skipping stone…

Donald Miller: The Five Steps to Writing a Book

I’ve read many books about writing. My favorites are William Zinsser’s On Writing Well, Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art and Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird. All terrific books.

I thought, then, I’d share my five step plan for writing a book. Those books are great, but this is the real truth.

Take it as you will, but this is largely how the process goes.


1. Come up with an amazing idea. Know in your head this book will be a blazing bestseller and change the world. Annoy your friends by always talking about it. When they get too annoyed, mumble under your breath in casual conversation about how your book is going to answer that question or some such thing. Keep this up for about a year before you actually start writing. It’s important.

2. About once a month, sit down to work on the book. Go to a coffee shop and set up your computer on the table by the window. Look out the window for inspiration and notice how many cyclists run the stop sign outside the coffee shop. Think for a long time about how hard it is to actually stop a bike and then restart it and how long it would take to get across town if you actually stopped at every stop sign. Google how much you’d be fined if you get caught. Leave the coffee shop without having written. Blame it on the pastry that gave you a sugar crash. Promise yourself the next time you have a writing session you won’t eat a pastry.

3. Search the internet for images you might use for a cover. Look at other books on Amazon and study their covers. Print one of the covers and cross the authors name out to write yours. Use liquid paper if you can still find any. Sniff the liquid paper and wish they hadn’t started putting the chemical in it that makes it smell bad. Wipe the liquid paper off your nose with the napkin they gave you with another pastry. Blame the fact you didn’t get writing done on another sugar crash and the fact you sniffed liquid paper.

4. Rent a cabin. Get very serious about the book. It’s time. Pay good, hard earned money and hole yourself up in the woods to write the book. Bring with you a copy of Walden. Then, obsess about who is and isn’t following you on Twitter for half the first day. Get angry at yourself for being distracted and throw your phone into the woods as a sacrifice to your craft. Go to bed promising the next day you’ll really write.

5. Spend the next morning rummaging around the woods looking for your phone.When you find it and it doesn’t work, go back into the cabin and lay on the kitchen floor, preferably a cold, tiled kitchen floor. Look upward at the oven and lament the fate of Sylvia Plath. Wish, though, you could have a book published like she did before she took her life. Wonder to yourself how happy she must have been having had a book published, so happy she took her life. Pack up your stuff and head home, having written nothing.

If you repeat these steps for about eighteen months, you should get a book out of it. I’ve done it many times and it always works. I don’t know when the writing happens. I can’t remember that part. But a book comes.

Of course, the point is writing is hard. To write is to struggle with your sanity, at times. And there will be bad days and you will feel defeated. This work is more difficult than climbing a mountain because you are doing it in the dark. I want to urge you to keep going. You matter and your words matter.


By writing, you are saying to God I agree with you, you gave me a voice and the gift was not in vain. By writing, you are showing up on the stage of life rather than sitting in the comfortable theater seats (there is a time for both) and are casting your voice out toward an audience who is looking for a character to identify with, somebody to guide them through their own loneliness, no matter how transparent or hidden that loneliness is.


And so if you find yourself on the floor of the kitchen (and I am no longer joking. I mean that in the Plathian sense, if you are finding yourself despondent) please know you are not alone. So many writers have been there. And the ones whose voices continue to echo through the theater got up, went back to their desk, and prayed again for words. May they come to you. And may they be gifts to us.


May the words come to us (me) again! Let’s not stop. Let’s write. :)

I Ransacked Manila International Book Fair 2012 for Two Hours (YES!terday)

And it wouldn’t be possible if not for Tita Ayds (le officemate) who gave me a free tix last week:


She is very kind! :)

The Manila International Book Fair 2012 had been running since September 12 and today would be its last day. So, what are you waiting for? Drop by NOW. You only got til 8pm to grab ’em all discounted books!

I was able to go there yesterday at around 4:30ish in the afternoon. I have settled (in my mind and pocket) on a maximum P500-budget in buying whatever book that I might need or want. I have been in this whole ‘budgeting’ thing within the last four months already. If you’re a family member or a close friend, you’ll probably understand what I’m saying. Haha! But things just have to happen, don’t they?

When I first came in, I was surprised by how wide the place is and how many the books are to fit in those wide open spaces. Good thing, they have directories such as this:


It’s kind of wide so you have to be strategic as to what aisle you will visit first. If you’re like me who’s following a strict budget, go where your preferences would thoroughly be suited. As for me, Aisle K where OMF Literature Inc. is located, is the first stop.

Buying Sir Ronald Molmisa’s Lovestruck (original and single’s edition) was already on my mind. I haven’t read the book yet, but, I heard that it’s really good. Ergo, that has been one of my purpose at the fair. I’ll enumerate the books that I bought later on.

OMF was very good at entertaining shoppers as they also have a live band singing worship songs which surely boosts and uplifts one’s spirit. :)

I only stayed 30 to 40 minutes at OMF and my P500-budget was already splurged with six books (2 major books + 4 mini books). I consumed my maximum. However, I still roam around the SMX Hall just to check if I’m missing out some other things or some other books like…


This one: The Hunger Games (series). I bet this is also at a discounted price, but I can’t afford it yet. Haha! So for now, iBooks will do. I’m already on Mocking Jay, btw. :)

Going back, MIBF 2012 is also a good springboard for the fans (to meet the authors of their favorite books) and the book authors (to meet their actual readers) and the promotion of the book itself. Some recognizable personalities was there too:

Jane (Rita Avila) of Walang Hanggan is there to promote her story book for children.

Loraxx is there too! The downside of not having companions in this kind of event: I can’t take a picture with Loraxx. Boohoo. :/ #kidatheartforever



Epic stolen shot of Sir Ramon Bautista and Tado Jimenez! HAHA. When I saw them, I was like, ‘Wow! Dream come true!’ I don’t quite have enough moohlah so I befit myself in taking photos of them unnoticed. :P

Here are the books and stuffs that I bought from the fair:

Let us have it one by one. I got these all in 20-30% discount. :)

These books are in total of P617:
•I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris
•Boy Meets Girl by Joshua Harris
•Lovestruck by Ronald Molmisa (the original version, I’ll give as a gift to my brother’s girlfriend, Ate Reena; the other one is also requested by my friend, Mari)
•Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin by Eduardo Roberto Jr. (I need financial advise, you know, lol)
•When God Writes Your Love Story by Eric and Leslie Ludy

These ballers, I got them for P80 only. I love it! If I only got a lot of money, I would’ve buy a lot of these. But I only got the 2 Corinthians 5:7 and Matthew 19:26. Coolest thing ever!

Aaaaaaaaaand, look what I got my hands into (finally)!!!! The Morning Rush Top Ten: The Best of Chico Garcia and Delamar Arias! I’ve been a Rusher since College days, roughly 3-4 years already. I just bought this yesterday as well (I know) after hopping by four bookstores. I was looking for this book in the fair but it wasn’t available at National Bookstore or Fully Booked there. A friendly advise: grab your copy of this now while supplies last (only for P175)! You don’t wanna miss it. Just like the Professional Heckler says, this is breathtaking information. This is brilliant, flashing insight! :)

All that (and I’m sure there’s more) happened in Manila International Book Fair 2012 (plus a bit of a tour at PowerBooks)!

And yes, judging from my receipts, I overspent. I got to rearrange my budget allowance for the month all over again. Haha!

Next time, I’ll save more so I can have more. #booksareluv :)

My Love for Words and My Random Thoughts

Back in grade school and high school, I was never the girl who writes, nor the one who reads, but I got a love affair with words.

It started with rejection. The time when my third grade teammate reiterate my failure in misspelling a word that made our group lose the class competition. It’s that rainy Saturday of April when somebody I considered close to me told me I wasn’t pretty and I smell odd. It’s one afternoon at the rehearsals where one of the members of the group I’m leading blatantly refuses whatever I say about the sequencing of the play.

It started with the feeling of being out of place. When I met with a new group of friends who can’t entertain my existence in a discussion of a matter I’m not familiar with. When I entered a room full of strangers and no one dared to shake my hand and welcome me in. When I dressed up for the occasion to which I was not particularly invited to.

It started with weakness – of feeling inadequate, unsure, uncertain of other things I can do to be socially accepted.

Bad things come into three and so do good things. From the time of rejection, the feeling of being out of the boat with my shaky knees and teary eyes, it took someone who gave me a tap at the back and told me something that somehow erased my doubts. It took all the promises I had to read from Ephesians, Psalms, Jeremiah, Matthew, Proverbs or anywhere in the Bible, the promises from the One who could give my heart the stillness in the midst of chaos. It took words to get me through the sandstorms in the desert of self-pity and loneliness.

Later on, I found out that my love for words can flourish by: flipping through pages of adventure from different chapters of a book; or, slow dancing with my emotions from the core of my heart with the pen in my hand. Hence, I became the girl who reads and the girl who writes. Through it, I was exposed. It brought the birth and the continuous growth (in terms of content) of this blog. I wanted to vent out all my thoughts – on hope, faith, joy, grief, love, failure, life, God, or whatever else – and somehow, by doing so, hoped to make a little impact on someone’s life. The little impact that can be an entry point in planting seeds of trust (even just a mustard) to Someone Up There who makes everything happen for a reason.

And I want to tell you that I have always (and still am) insecure about people reading my stuff. Because, even though it is probably not a wise choice on my part, I write with my heart on my sleeve.

-Isabel Garcia

Yes, I was and still is insecure, but courage makes you do things as crazy as what you can do for love. I’m clueless if what I’m doing really matters to anyone (or even to just one someone) in cyberspace. I got no idea if I’m making any difference or if I am able to touch the depths of someone’s soul. But I got to thank those few who had been generous enough in giving me their appreciation, affirmation and support in this endeavor. My inner child in me always feels like being rewarded with an ice cream (triple chocolate, of course) every time I would hear those encouraging words. You might start to notice how much I value words. It’s kinda like my love language.

I still won’t know my impact nor my contribution to World Peace because of this blog, however, one thing’s for sure: I got to say what I got to say. There’s too much hope one could give to one’s self. :)

And with all these, I will end with my late Moodboard for August: Wake Up and Live. Wake up, do something for yourself, start over, make a move, live. :)