Date A Girl Who People-Watch

Date a girl who enjoys some of her time being alone, not because she doesn’t want to be around too many people, but because she knows this is a perfect time to know people.

She’s kind of spontaneous, she goes places unplanned, she does things out of her checklists for the day, she talks to herself (there are times that it can be loud, but just let her do her own thing, she knows when to snap out of it), she makes decisions that can be quite messy and all over the place at times, but, her guilty-pleasure, the very thing she finds delight in doing (aside from grocery shopping) is people-watching. The presence of beaucoup of people in a mall, a park, a subway station, or perhaps anywhere / everywhere is like counting constellations of stars in the night sky for her eyes. For her, it’s kind of a weird-yet-enjoyable side of beautiful.

And no, she’s not the type who makes fun of someone else’s fashion sense, she’s aware that we all got our own frames which serves as the clay in molding our freedom in expressing our own beliefs. She watch people for a number of reasons (and I hope you know that we have reasons that are apart from each others’ convictions and that’s okay… at some point): (a) she doesn’t makes fun of people’s fashion sense but she loves to see how people carry out themselves with their own fashion statements (it’s very interesting if you try and keep an eye with those around you – some are festive and others are plain and there are those who make it to your list of I Would Want to Wear That Someday); (b) she is a curious one, wanting to find out why someone acts in a way that can be mind-boggling at times (this counts for people-watching both friends and strangers); (c) it’s from people who she finds inspiration to do things in life – be loud and letting others hear your voice, say things that you mean and say things that you don’t, go and grow through the pain of losing, it’s okay not to agree all the time, make mistakes, embrace failure, live your life (“participate”). You must know that watching these people inspires her to do her craft, like for one, writing. She brings forth a backpack of everything she’s gone through with everyone she’s been through in a day to whatever she writes or posts in her journal, blog, Instagram, twitter or wherever medium she deems necessary to share her experience with people, with life.

If you still don’t get it, let me tell you, a girl who people-watch can all this time be watching you. But please don’t freak out too much if you caught her staring at you, although, she’ll veer away from eye contact the soonest you get to notice her. You must know, sometimes, she focuses her attention to just one person in the room or at the bus stop or while just walking around. And if you happen to be that person, please don’t threaten her bold eyes seeking for someone to remember from an entire day of activity.Because if you happen to be that person, you’ll probably live for eternity, at least in her journal, because she’s gonna be writing about you. You’ll be immortalized (not only in paper, but, somewhere in her mind or heart too).

Date a girl who people-watch because she can bring herself in understanding you. She’ll know every little detail about you just by observing you: your favorite tv show, kind of music, food you’re allergic to, things that touch the depths of your soul, etcetera etcetera. She can recall the way she felt when she first met you to the day you became friends with her. She always sees a lot of potential in everyone she bumps into along the way, including you. She’s generous in giving praises to people who deserves it (and for her, everyone deserves a tap at the back like those words of encouragement which shines brightly like the sun; for her, everyone deserves to get a recognition for whatever little or big he/she does).

If you find her, wreck her mind by exceeding her expectations or her current standards, let her know that she can go beyond her thoughts and fly. Sometimes she can be all too calculated, hold her hand or just push her at the edge of a cliff to go bungee jumping or at the edge of a plane to go sky diving, make her try out new things she fears on doing. When you jumble up her mind on things she thinks she knows of, she’d go crazy, but she would appreciate it at best. As she watches people, let her feel that you’re watching her, that someone’s waiting for her on the other side of the river. Don’t watch her for a lot of reasons, watch her just because. Here’s a hint, she thinks just because is a good answer because it calms her when you do what you do for no sane reasons at all. Give her that hope or make her hope for things that could be categorized as wild. Either that or… just that… just because… because. :)

Let me tell you one more thing, she would love to hang out at coffee shops (although she’s not a coffee addict). When she was a teenager, she thought she’ll be meeting her dashing prince while she’s there. That the prince would just be observing her from a far while she’s observing others a.k.a her “prospect prince” she goes drink up her Chocolate Cream Chip frappé (or, Caffe Americano, on days when she’s sick) and writes on her journal or finish a random book that she always have in her bag. Don’t you know, coffee shops are a fun place to watch people? *winks* And then fate had to step in and she will be forgetting her journal or the book and the prince will return it to her and they will live happily ever after.

That’s right, the girl who loves to watch people, hopes on true love. She hopes on it just as she hopes that those people she observes carefully at have found theirs or may find their other half in the time they least expect it to be. She believes in fairy tales, pixie dusts, and guess what, happy endings!

So, when you see her, she might be a little awkward but she always have the widest smile and the warmest heart when you got to know each other. And even if she doesn’t talk about a lot of things at first, let her bombard you with her glances and stares, she just likes to memorize faces, especially, the eyes. Oh, also your smile.

Date a girl who watches people because for sure, she’ll introduce you to a new kind of bizarre – in just about everyone you’ll meet along the way. You’ll begin to see people in new light and you’ll be able to love their imperfections. The girl who loves to watch people is not perfect herself. And it’s okay. She tries to live the real kind of living. The kind where you’ll enjoy life even it kicks you straight to your stomach or badly bruise your knees.

This girl had always been observing you from hindsight and it’s time for you to notice her. Date the girl who people-watch.

***Hi people of the Internet! This is my contribution to the Date a Girl series that’s been going on since last year. Haha! Have a great weekend! Cheers!***

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