Dark Mocha. Chocolate Cream Chip. Honey Glaze. And Chocolate-Dipped.

Lately, things had been so busy and schedules are tight and muscles felt tensions (and I just had to say that for the muscles, oh goodness, I am in need of a massage. haha!) and I am stressed out. That’s why I needed the break, mostly from blogging (see my post under this). And I am still on a pause – I hope to come back soon, though – but yesternight when Me and my friend Mari met, we did some exercise which kind of laid our stresses off, at least for that night; and that I wanted to share today. :)

One of the many things that I am thankful for in this life are my friends. I don’t have a lot. I do not belong to the hierarchy of popular people when I was still in school. Never. And I know, I wish I would, but I’m content because the Lord had guided me to choose the right friends and circles to which I can grow and belong and be more of myself and exceed myself and just have fun. And my friend Mari is one of those close friends which I am bound to keep forever. Haha!

Anyways, we already set the date for us to go at a coffee shop to feel some sort of a writer’s ambiance, and yesterday we did exactly just that. Some sort of trivia re my friends: they are good (read: VERY GOOD) writers. They wrote essays and poems and short stories and novels and I really believe that they would be a successful authors of a book someday. I, on the other, am a simple “everyday life” writer. I mean, this blog is like a journal, right? I tend to write things that I experience and is interesting to me and from there, I can push an idea or inspiration for my essays or poems. But, I don’t really write stories. I don’t do fiction. It’s just so hard for me.

So, guess what we did at the coffee shop?

Bingo! We did fiction-writing. It was Mari’s idea. She said that we would do a collaboration for a story (and you must understand, she was torturing me the WHOLE time, wala siyang awa!!!) and short story we did.

We started writing at around 8.30ish and finished an hour or so later. I was already in the mood of continuing on the “writing” part but we had to end the story or else we will sleep at the mall. Ha!

And now, *drum roll* I’ll let you read the short story that Mari and I had collaborated on! Haha! Be gentle on it, okay? We only wrote this for an hour and it is my first time to go about fiction-writing. The whole experience, though, was fun. I got some learning points from it.

I (we) hope you enjoy it!



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Holy Pause

As you can see, I sort of abandoned What Is for a couple or more weeks now. There are just things that I needed to do and work on and I can’t find time to pinch in some writings anymore. ‘I can’t find time’ is the lamest reason ever, I know.

There’s a lot of things to write about these days, I mean with life, there’s always something to write about but I just can’t seem to focus. If you’ve been reading this blog from a long time now, you’d know that I can’t write when my emotions are not well aligned. By emotions, that is for every aspect of my life. I has been busy, yes, but for what?

I’m thinking of taking a break from the blog for a couple weeks or for a month more. I needed to realign my life and to refocus and to selah. Sometimes, I feel like I’m losing a sense of me because I let the world succumb the rest of me. Do you get what I mean? When this life isn’t always about me. That in this life, I represent something more, Someone beyond. And I forget my purpose because I dwell too much on the “ME” part — too selfish littlle brat.

So yeah, I am to find a part of me which has been lost. I can only do that if I seek, if I knock and if I ask. He found me and He took me. The moments I felt that He’s far, it’s because I ran away. And now I’m messing up. I needed to get back.

I need a supreme moment of Selah.