Holy Pause

As you can see, I sort of abandoned What Is for a couple or more weeks now. There are just things that I needed to do and work on and I can’t find time to pinch in some writings anymore. ‘I can’t find time’ is the lamest reason ever, I know.

There’s a lot of things to write about these days, I mean with life, there’s always something to write about but I just can’t seem to focus. If you’ve been reading this blog from a long time now, you’d know that I can’t write when my emotions are not well aligned. By emotions, that is for every aspect of my life. I has been busy, yes, but for what?

I’m thinking of taking a break from the blog for a couple weeks or for a month more. I needed to realign my life and to refocus and to selah. Sometimes, I feel like I’m losing a sense of me because I let the world succumb the rest of me. Do you get what I mean? When this life isn’t always about me. That in this life, I represent something more, Someone beyond. And I forget my purpose because I dwell too much on the “ME” part — too selfish littlle brat.

So yeah, I am to find a part of me which has been lost. I can only do that if I seek, if I knock and if I ask. He found me and He took me. The moments I felt that He’s far, it’s because I ran away. And now I’m messing up. I needed to get back.

I need a supreme moment of Selah.