Dark Mocha. Chocolate Cream Chip. Honey Glaze. And Chocolate-Dipped.

Lately, things had been so busy and schedules are tight and muscles felt tensions (and I just had to say that for the muscles, oh goodness, I am in need of a massage. haha!) and I am stressed out. That’s why I needed the break, mostly from blogging (see my post under this). And I am still on a pause – I hope to come back soon, though – but yesternight when Me and my friend Mari met, we did some exercise which kind of laid our stresses off, at least for that night; and that I wanted to share today. :)

One of the many things that I am thankful for in this life are my friends. I don’t have a lot. I do not belong to the hierarchy of popular people when I was still in school. Never. And I know, I wish I would, but I’m content because the Lord had guided me to choose the right friends and circles to which I can grow and belong and be more of myself and exceed myself and just have fun. And my friend Mari is one of those close friends which I am bound to keep forever. Haha!

Anyways, we already set the date for us to go at a coffee shop to feel some sort of a writer’s ambiance, and yesterday we did exactly just that. Some sort of trivia re my friends: they are good (read: VERY GOOD) writers. They wrote essays and poems and short stories and novels and I really believe that they would be a successful authors of a book someday. I, on the other, am a simple “everyday life” writer. I mean, this blog is like a journal, right? I tend to write things that I experience and is interesting to me and from there, I can push an idea or inspiration for my essays or poems. But, I don’t really write stories. I don’t do fiction. It’s just so hard for me.

So, guess what we did at the coffee shop?

Bingo! We did fiction-writing. It was Mari’s idea. She said that we would do a collaboration for a story (and you must understand, she was torturing me the WHOLE time, wala siyang awa!!!) and short story we did.

We started writing at around 8.30ish and finished an hour or so later. I was already in the mood of continuing on the “writing” part but we had to end the story or else we will sleep at the mall. Ha!

And now, *drum roll* I’ll let you read the short story that Mari and I had collaborated on! Haha! Be gentle on it, okay? We only wrote this for an hour and it is my first time to go about fiction-writing. The whole experience, though, was fun. I got some learning points from it.

I (we) hope you enjoy it!



The last time I’d seen him was on the last day in high school. And two months after that, it would be my first year in College. I had wondered if I’d ever see him again at the university now and then but it still came as a surprise when I saw him got off the bus at our college’s entrance. Or was it just another guy with the same favourite shirt as him and wearing his favourite cap? And why is he walking towards me?

“You’re going to attend here as well?” He asked, wearing that same super-bright smile that had somehow made my—and many other girl’s—day brighter back then.

“Well… um…” Why is my heart beating so fast like a train approaching its last station on the subway? I can’t even look at him in the eyes and my thoughts – the words I supposed to say – where are they? I wish someone somewhere can strike me down and teleport me to my early morning French class.

He stared at me, patiently waiting for my answer with a kind smile. Oh, God. Now he would think I’m a complete weirdo. “Y-yeah. It’s a surprise to see you here,” I managed at last.

“It was so nice to see you! But, I got to go; my next class will start in 7 minutes. I’ll see you around?”

I only managed to nod and stare after him as he leaves. My mind was reeling at the possibility of seeing him again, maybe share a few classes with him. That would be a nice prospect, right? For many a time, I found myself wishing I had more courage to get to know him instead of being content at watching him from afar. I really wanted to be his friend. I heaved a deep sigh. Maybe not in a million years. Or who knows? Maybe this is a good chance to start off a budding. Budding… No. Scratch that. Let’s stop all these nonsense crap.

But maybe I should never have been so pessimistic. I discovered that we shared 4 classes together and in all those subjects, he sat beside me. Like today, in Social Science 1.

“Hey, I got you something. I thought I’ll be bumping with you after lunch, and now, I did. I know how you love red velvet cupcakes.” How did he know my secret affair with those red, creamy, deliciously torturing piece of sweetness overload? I mean, we weren’t that close in high school.

“I thought of buying you one. Here…”

He offered a smile with that gesture and I was dumbfounded. My heart hammered in my chest and I felt a blush creeping up my cheeks.

“Thanks, I guess,” I said, taking the cupcakes I could never resist. I also managed to summon the courage to ask, “How did you know I liked this?”

“There was this one time at the student canteen when I saw you,” And he looked at me and those eyes, those hazel eyes, sending shivers down my spine – but a good kind of shiver – and 158 butterflies flying around my stomach to my throat. I felt air in my mouth but it’s not like I’m gonna puke or something, it’s more of nerve-wracking but heart-warming revelation. Ok, brain, going back to what he’s saying…

Should I interpret it in any other way than him being kind? Or did it mean anything? Should I hope? Any consideration was making me terrified. I didn’t want to assume unless I’m wrong and ended up with a heart break. (That wouldn’t be too nice on my part.)

“That’s so kind of you,” I only answered. “I never thought I’d made an impression.” I added.

“Back then, your smile was priceless after munching in your fifth cupcake. That was funny. I thought you’ll have a sugar-rush or some sort of an overload or something. Do you always do that? I see the same spark on the eyes of my sister whenever she and mom go on travels.”

And just when the conversation is heating up, Dr. Pernicus came in – he’s surname sounded like a flower – and the class got to start.

I never got the chance to answer him as the discussions got interesting but his words lingered in my mind. He noticed me and that sent shivers in my stomach. Oh, God. He knows I exist! *twirling with a ballet-pointed feet here*

I thought that was the end of it but when it was time to go home, I found a note and roses tucked under my bag. Who was this from?

“You had this outmost adornment for reds, don’t you? –Z”

A weird note it is. Who is Z? There’s no ‘z’ in Levi’s name and I sort of hope that these roses came from him, just like the cupcakes. But I guess not. Hmmm.

“Hey,” a voice from behind startled me and I almost dropped the note and the flower. I turned around and my heart ran faster, like a horse running for his life. I couldn’t breathe but it wasn’t scary. Instead, it was glorious. “You got it,” Levi said, a hand on his pocket said and pointing to what I was holding. My mind wobbled from what he’s trying to say.

Oh sweet niblets! How can I forget? Levi is Zachary. I mean, Zachary is Levi. Same banana. But my mind is like a whirlwind of words tossed and turn in a ecstatic to clueless to WHAT ON EARTH is happening?

“Yes. Are these—are these from you?” I asked almost breathless. What if his answer is yes? Or what if…

“Yes, it’s from me,” He said, moving closer. Then he said the most astonishing thing I have ever heard in my life. “Sam, I’ve been in love with you since forever. When we graduated high school, I thought I lost all the chance to tell you how I feel. But when I saw you on the first day of class I knew that God gave me another chance. I’d like to… I’d like to be yours, if you’ll have me.”

“You love me?” This is weird. But good kind of weird. A happy kind.

“I always had. The first time I saw you was in grade school, you helped Marcus – what they say the geek god in class and who was always bullied – tie his shoelaces when he ran after Brutus who took his chicken sandwich. You were dripping in sweat, but you didn’t care.

“And then, high school came, I promised myself to at least introduce myself to you. But I never had. And I always observe you from a far and you are beyond what beauty means. You are indescribable piece of wonderful… I mean, pardon me if this sounds cheesy, but you are like an ice sculpture – carefully crafted and delicate.”

He said those words looking so genuine and I found myself irresistibly drawn. I could dance those moments away. He loved me? That sounded like something that only happens in heaven. And right there and then, I decided it was now or never.


When we finished writing it, we thought of the new single of Taylor Swift, it some sort of jives with our title. So, we hoped you liked our mini story! :)

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