Hakuna Matata!

I am feeling bright today. :) so bright that it makes me want to hug somebody so tight (!!!) that it would make them realize that even life’s a bit annoying, there’s something so warm and welcoming that’s waiting for them even it could left them gasping for air. Haha!

The thing is I was so hard on myself yesterday that it made me think of a lot of things, a lot of worst things, and a lot of things that I should not think of thinking. Get it? And I did some things to sort out what’s going on in my Thought Life because it keeps on making me feel depressed and lonely and empty and just way way down the borders of seeing every hidden silvers on the lining. What would be the best way to address those kinds of situations? Talk to Someone who will understand, Someone who has your best interest at heart, Someone who is always there waiting for you to share how’s your day been and what bothers you, Someone who will give the best advice in the world but you would consider (if not silliest) is the toughest thing to do, Someone you should run to every single day of your life.

You know how sometimes I forget to depend to the One who’s truly dependable that I ended up doing and solving whatever life throws in front of my face alone? When those days happen, when I can’t figure it out anymore, when I am exasperated beyond the limits of what could be the most tiring day of all — those were the times that I suddenly remember. Sad, but well, true. Sometimes I can make everything look perfectly fine in the surface when it actually don’t. Those were the times that are hard enough for me to comprehend what’s going on; those were the times that insecurity crawls freely at the back of my mind causing doubt and unbelief; and I know, those were the times that I am not focused at all.

But the good thing is whenever you come back to refuel your lamp, The Lord is always there to light it up. He will always remind you that you are not alone in the very place He ordered you to go. He is not a God who will turn a blind eye to our difficulties. He will be there. He is never late; his timing is always perfect. His arms are always reaching out, ready to hold our hands to guide us in every step we are to take in obedience. When we refocus, we will see clearly what our Lord had set for us to do.

Hakuna matata! Live life with no worries; only obey.


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