Dear Batch 2013

This day, two years ago, marked the day when I went to school not to get to the last day of our class nor to enroll for our next semester.

Two years ago, this day was a Saturday. The weather was so warm and refreshing. The sun shines its rays proudly like a five year old kid in a playground who finally took all his courage to try out the longest slide of his life. Even there’s no Spring season in our country, it felt like the flowers are blooming everywhere and the trees keep swaying its leaves nonstop as if congratulating all of us who made it to our final step in College. Because, yes, Friday of May 6th two years ago was the day we graduated from the most intensive ride of our lives. We closed a chapter and were about to enter a new one.

The reason why we had gone  to school together that particular Saturday morning was to return our grad caps and  gowns and to bid adieu to each other since we won’t see each other the way we did for the past four years. There were mixed emotions as we reminisce what we had done together — the happy, sad, not so nice (but mostly, fun) memories. *introtheFRIENDSsongherelol*  

To Batch 2013:

I hope you learned to value the friends you’ve made in the academe: your barkadas, your juniors, some of your professors, but most especially, your blockmates. I hope you know how each one of them served as your backbone back in the trouble and happy times of being a student. Even there are “tampo” moments,overall, those were a great bunch of people who intruded and invaded your life. Always always be grateful for them, always be grateful for Friends. :)

Now I know you have a lot of dreams enlisted down and lined up after all of these, I had a lot of dreams and plans lined up too back then. I was excited to fulfill every single thing I had in mind ever since I was fourteen — from the work I wanna pursue and succeed in, to the things I’ll give for my mother and brother (and my own family in the future) etc, etc. All I know is I needed a lot of patience, hard work and prayer for these to materialize. Idealism is my game. 

I hope you know that even the real world will scare the heck out of you once you finally walked in that new curtain, please remain ideal. Sometimes this shattered world will make you believe in something good where you can settle. I hope you remember, good is the enemy of best, of the better plans our Lord has for you. Please don’t settle. Don’t quiet your dreams even if this world tells you that it has always been impossible. Trust in Someone who knows the desires of your heart, He did not put it there for naught, but learn to discern which to prioritize.

I still kept my dreams in my heart even when God showed me the path I should take in between those two years after I graduated. It was an uneasy choice because I got pushed out of my comfort zone. It was not something I expected at all. I hope when the Lord leads you to something or somewhere, your ears will be willing to listen that it would translate it in your heart to follow even if it’s not comfortable. It is not easy to follow, but trust me, it’s all going to be worth it. Not everything we wanted is what we needed at the moment, when you learn to let go and surrender, you might stand and find yourself where you should be in the first place.

No matter where your Somewhere is, always hold on to that Someone (capital S) who’ll light the way where you should go. The world can be blinding, it will show you the pleasures that you can do with your life any moment now, it’s always best to be guided.

One of these days, months, or year, you’ll think that you are not doing any valuable thing in your life (or the mankind) because you haven’t achieved what you intricately planned  before. That, or, you are now confused which career you should really pursue because you now don’t have an idea of what you really want. I hope you know that it’s okay. We are also in that stage. A year or two after College is never a measurement of your success in life. Success is defined in so varied ways and I just hope the way you define “success” won’t always be about having lots of money because it is NOT.

While you are (we are) in the stage of not knowing which roads to take, move on to life one step at a time. Gather all the skills you may need, fail a lot, make mistakes, work wholeheartedly — one day, as your experience get richer, you’ll have the determination to be somewhere and you’ll get there. Just have a little faith, kid. Life takes time.

And finally, be brave. There will be bad days where your age and your supposed-to-be “maturity” will take a toll on you and will, sometimes, discourage you. You can mope around and stay in the mud, but I suggest, get up and do things with your hands and feel better.

If you do (work hard), if you stay positive, you have a shot at the silver-lining.

-The Silver Linings Playbook-

Live your life accordingly. Do not neglect the simple things as meeting with old friends and taking a break (you’ll need a lot of those, trust me). Let loose and don’t be too serious, or at least, try to balance. Discover what you will do in the wilderness because all I’ve told you are thoughts in the air, you can choose what to do. I encourage you to make the best choices.

You’re about to take over something big, I pray all the best for your endeavors. And even you look back after a year or two, let me tell you that the learning never stops. Find your Great Perhaps. You are created for something more! :)

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