Hungry to be Better

If there’s one thing that I would really want to be good at, but unfortunately I’m not that capable of yet (haha because I still hope I will be, one day), is to be a person with an overflow of creativity – thoughts and actions. I wanted to belong to the We are the Creative People Department in this lifetime, those people who breathe the arts: designers, painters, composers, writers, teachers, film enthusiasts, social workers, etc. I wanted to imbibe the word “creative” so much because I believe it means that you are placed in this earth with a sole purpose: to Create. And that is such a very wonderful privilege.

I know I have the skill with the kind of art I wanted to be involved in – I can draw; I can paint; I can write poems, poetry, essays and lyrics to songs. I can do all these things. What I can’t do, most times, is to imagine my own art.

I can draw and paint anything just as long as I have a picture where I can copy it from. But if I don’t have any visuals, my drawings or paintings will always end up abstract. Writing, on the other, is something I pursued because I felt the need of having to deliver it in my life. When I was in College, that’s when I made up my mind and told myself: Yes, I want to write. I want to be heard. I want my words to be a hand and reach out to someone’s soul (even, just one soul). I want to make this choice.

I tried my hardest writing. I literally jump off the cliff of not knowing where to start, what to say and how to say things. But over time, I learned. Writing became a friend who confides with every single doubt, worry, hope and freedom that bugs my mind on days when I forgot that I can make a difference. Writing was there, through and through. Most – if not all – things that I write, though, are stories that I experienced with real people in real situations in my very own life. I can make those into poems, lyrics of a song, essay or just plain prose. I am a non-fiction writer – the only things I can write down is my own: how I felt touching every rough crater of this world with my own hands.

Those were the best arts I can offer: abstract and experiences. Both are messy, but I believe, both of them are all sorts of beautiful. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how far my Creative go.

November is just around the corner, and when this month comes, expect the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) season again! And that means, anyone who will participate in it will be writing and finishing a novel by the end of November. And by novel, they mean fiction. Everyone is invited to make their own stories and just keep bleeding words into that novel: keep writing. And while this seems a huge challenge for me because (1) I don’t do fictions; (2) I don’t have a planned story yet and I only got less than three days left to conceptualize; and (3) we only got one month to finish… I think this will be a good way to stretch my mind and learn, ergo, I decided to…. *drumroll* …participate in this year’s NaNoWriMo!

I may have not been given an overflow of imagination to make hundreds of novels, but, I know in my heart that I had been blessed with persistence and boldness to venture out on new things that would make me feel alive.

I want to be a good writer one day. I am so hungry to be better. (Hannah Brencher)

And I am making this choice. Again.


Dear Average Woman

You missed to check the mirror again today to say to yourself that you are beautiful, no matter. I know it gives you chills because you refuse to believe it but we had a deal, remember? You owe kindness to yourself. Choose to say things that will uplift your soul. Choose to say it, repeatedly, until you are convinced of the truth. Listen: You are beautiful.

Stop carrying your Insecurity Baggage wherever you go. Turn down every thought of you not being good enough, not being smart enough, not being attractive enough. Can you stop picking up burdens of negative thoughts and pouring them down like wine, letting it fill your barrel with poison? Have you forgotten that you are made with an exceptional combination of fear and wonder? You are made worthy to and of love, of hope, of faith, of grace and of forgiveness. Sometimes, you forget these things and you dwell too much with all the lies inside your head. I am reminding you of this again: You are valuable.

Don’t get too shy around people. Don’t even think that you need to impress them and you always have to be perfect. Please don’t be too harsh on yourself, lower down your pride, tune off from your ego. You don’t need to be perfect, you just have to be yourself. Remember who you are when you’re with your closest friends, you are calm and you enjoy. Be open to the idea that people may or may not like you, you don’t have to feel bad if they don’t, it’s not the end of the world. Some people may not like you but you can always love them back, anyways. Try to express your you more: You are allowed to be who you are — flaws and all.

Put an end in selling yourself short, because you know what, you can do a lot of things…excellently! And I mean it in every sense of the word. Being good at art, or advocacy, or science, or words, or food, or cars, or wherever field you choose to be is never petty. You’ve got a plethora of passion and potential in your hands. You have been given an overflow of gifts that you can always work on. Be a good steward of your talents.

You, Average Woman, does not – at all – exist. There’s never a woman who is only Average. You’re a Woman. You don’t wear a label of range and measures. Stop living in the standards of this world because it will never fit you — you exceed it. You woman, you ought to love yourself, because hey, I’ll never get tired of stressing what’s obvious: You matter.

And please, don’t you forget.


This post is inspired by this video (thanks Kamille for sharing this <3) and what had transpired today. Cheers!


You is kind. You is smart. You is important. You is brave.

I watched the movie The Help over the weekends, and I must say, the story is a story of Courage.

Courage has always been a beautiful word for me. It’s like a secret chant you say to yourself which instantly delivers a wonderful amount of bravery and confidence. When uncertainty lingers at the porch of your mind, trying to quaff every single barrel of your sunshine, Courage will make you believe that there’s nothing wrong being in the dark for a while. Courage trusts that you’ll find the light. That’s what Courage does, it makes you Hope. And Hope shares the same attributes of Courage: beautiful. (I abuse the word beautiful so much, but, there’s no other way I can describe these two.)

The movie was set in a far away past where racial discrimination was still eminent in the United States of America – the Blacks serve as helpers in White people’s residences. However, their rights has always been disregarded. It makes me feel lighter, though, when I saw that not all White people are prejudiced; take Skeeter, a journalist who pushed for the Helpers to share their side of story with their service at the White people’s houses. Although, all her efforts might have been for naught if not for the willingness of Abiliene to support.

Skeeter and Abiliene were the two lead persons in the movie who took a stand and choose – what many people in their time, won’t – Courage. What’s very crucial about Courage is that it has to be chosen. You have to choose to be courageous. Nobody else can do it for you.

Despite the fact that Skeeter and Abiliene (together with the other Helpers) could be in grave danger, they still do what they had to do: act against racism and seek equality between the Colored and the Whites. They started a revolution, a spark for change. And I believe, they contributed a big part in the freedom of all cultures and races America is experiencing today. Imagine if they didn’t do anything when the very circumstance they’re in is asking them to make a stand? We, humans, most times don’t act out when we need to; afraid of so many things that would expose us in possible danger. Courage, often requires sacrifice – of our own time, money, talent, and even comfort – for the greater good. We have it all inside of us, we have the capacity to be brave, we have been given the ability to serve. It’s just that, sometimes, we tend to forget.

Yes, you is (also) brave.

When things go way out of hand and you tremble to your knees as you are shaken to the core, hold hands with Courage, do not let go. When every single molecule of your being wants you to run away and escape the grind of tomorrow, behold Courage in the eye, as long as his eyes flicker, don’t lose hope. When there’s too much fear in your heart and you can’t keep the tears anymore, look up, Courage is always looking down.

To have Courage is not to rely on your own strength. To have Courage is to surrender all your weaknesses in the hands of an Almighty God, entrusting every small portions of your life into His bigger plans for your future – be prepared to witness His power working in you. To have Courage is not to be free from fear, Fear is a healthy friend. To have Courage is bringing Fear with you in skydiving; no matter the struggle, it will remind you that you have wings – you are meant to fly. To have Courage is not to go through life easy. To have Courage is to embrace life in all of its uncertainties.

Show me how big your Brave is.