Hope Now

Let’s ride on Hope. Let’s do this Together.

But as the case has always been, though we are battered and broken in ways that’ll take years to recover from, we will find the resolve to heal. We will scour the streets for something to believe in. And by coming together, by creating enough good friction to cause brighter fires, we will make something out of the wreckage. We will acclimate to a new kind of normal, the kind that learns to swim with damaged fins.

I am not saying this is alright. None of this is alright. This is not something we can just shrug off. This is the worst storm in recorded history, worse than Katrina and Sandy combined. The truth is simple: We are a badly broken nation.

What’s good about being broken is that we can now go for broke because there is officially nothing left to lose.

It’s a good time to break our backs for the sake of hope. The hope of better days and recovery. The hope of thicker skin and better disaster preparedness. The hope of healing for those who have lost loved ones. The hope of better homes for those who watched theirs crumble away. We are broken and now, we can break in to a new chapter. How wonderful if we could do it Together.

Everything rides on Hope now.

–Isabel Garcia, Hope Now


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