We Barely Make It

Believe. That’s what you need to do.

Believe in the beauty of your mistakes. Believe in the chaos that wraps itself at the corners of your mind. Believe in the mess you created because of your many doubts. Yes, you may believe your doubters but please believe yourself more. Believe in your little hope.

Our actions have consequences and we need to bear it. We need to endure. We need to stomach the process. The only way we can be refined is when we go through the fire. The fire may ask us to skin ourselves off the character that we no longer need. The fire may ask us to grow. Sometimes, we make it out alive. Sometimes, we barely make it at all.

I know you tried.
I know you’re tired.
But, my love, you need to try harder.

When there are days when you just want to linger and stay inside your place of comfort, you must – for yourself – choose to get up. It will take you a longer time to achieve what you’re expecting to if you’re going to keep snoozing the alarm off every time you hear it ring. Everyday is a choice to become better. And everyday there are little victories over little things. And everyday there can be failures. But again: everyday is a choice to become better. Get better.

As with your doubters — be it yourself or other people — I know you still believe them. And it’s okay to listen to what Doubt has to say but you must not allow it to let you turn away from what you can do. You can shake the Doubts off. Because darling, you don’t need to succumb to the unbelief. Especially, if you are collecting disbelief against yourself.

It sucks when you failed at everything you said you would do. It sucks when you know it was you who brought the failure: you lacked the dedication, the hard work and the discipline. It sucks when you are punched in the face with the truth that you are still far from achieving your goals. It sucks. Yourself sucks. And that’s natural because you’re human. And humans fail. And humans just keep on sucking at all things in all times. But get this: humans always take the courage to stand amidst the failures. So my love, as a part of this race, you need to stand strong amidst your own failures. And, take heart. It doesn’t hurt to have a little faith in yourself.

When Life refines you and you think you barely could make it through the fire, I promise you that at the end of it, you could make it out alive. You will make it out alive. It has been proven, darling: you are alive.