From The Get-Go

When I was young, I always loved the outdoors. I loved biking and I wished I had my own wheels (never happened though). I loved playing with my friends and cousins – we played dodgeball or matamaan ng bola, taya!; then, there’s also softball; agawang base; patintero; luksong baka; tumbang preso; ten-twenty or Chinese garter; bang-sak; sili, sili, maanghang; and the most famous of them all, langit, lupa, impyerno! and many more. I enjoyed all the sweat and how the sun kissed my skin. And then, high school came in and I toned down from the streets. I became much of a home-buddy; a couch potato, mostly.

College came in few years after. And I was just stunned by the people I’m surrounded with – they’re like making me realize that I’m in heck yeah! College of Communication! They’re like a bunch of bookworms and writers! If there’s one word to describe reading and writing to me, that is: E-F-F-O-R-T. It is such an EFFORT, dear friends.

Nonetheless, it was those people from my beloved academe that showed me how fun it is to read and to write. There’s something different about it, something different which you can only know once you engage in at it. And so, I tried. I tried my very best because I envied them. Haha! That shouldn’t be the term, but yeah, sorta-kinda-hafta envied them.

Today, while I’m getting more used to do writing – thanks to this blog – I am doubling my efforts when it comes to books and reading.

So far, in the entire twenty years of my life, I only have read 18 books (if I remembered them all right). And I bet, I wasn’t able to reach half of those books my college peeps have already read. The books I have read are as follows:

1. Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White
2. Wizard of Oz by Frank Baum
3. For One More Day by Mitch Albom
4. Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom
5. Emily Ever After by I forgot who
6. Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisenberger
7. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
8. New Moon by Stephanie Meyer
9. Maverick by Diana Palmer
10. Before the Flabbergasted book to which I forgot the title and author (hello Mari, help here please) :P
11. Size Twelve Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot
12. I forgot the title but I remember there’s a super big dog involved in the story by Meg Cabot
13. Title forgotten – all I remember there’s a wedding and there’s an involvement of the best man and maid of honor best friends in the story by Sophie Kinsella
14. The Summer of Cotton Candy by Debbie Viguié
15. Everything On A Waffle by Polly Harvath
16. Kapitan Sino by Bob Ong
17. Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
18. Looking For Alaska by John Green

From these 18 books: 8 of them was borrowed from friends; 6 of them I own (bought either first or secondhand) in paperback; 3 of them I read courtesy of PowerBooks; and the other 1 is included in my iBooks.

I have yet to read:
Paperback-I-own Category
1. Fair Play by Deirdre Martin
2. Marley and Me by John Grogan
3. Maynard and Jennica by Rudolph Delson
4. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
5. Prep by Curtis Sittenfield
6. Dark Storm by Kel Richards
7. The Love Curse of the Rumbaughs by Jack Gantos

iBooks Category
8. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
9. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
10. The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
11. Beastly by Alex Flinn

Yet-to-buy Category
12. The Fault In Our Stars by John Green
13. Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler
14. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer
15. Perks of Being a Wallflower by Steven Chbosky
16. Divergent by Veronica Roth
17. The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot
18. Elixir by Hilary Duff (yes! She wrote a book!)
19. Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta
20. Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella

I think this would be a good start for doubling the effort in reading. Haha! :P I mean, it’s not at all bad. Stories read from books can speak to you in so many ways and bring you to so many places and there will be so many people you’ll meet along the way. It’s liberating. It’s being vulnerable to feelings you haven’t felt before – extreme anger, endless pain or unimaginable love. It’s about being you. A more sensitive you.

Find. Grab. Read. Write. Be mesmerized: read and find something to write from there. :D

NOTE: Posted this mostly for my own benefit! Haha!

Touchdown, Baguio!

This is a late post! Forgive me? :)

When I was young (not that I’m so old now, but you get what I mean), I haven’t had lots of experiences of going out of the Metro since we haven’t had budget then. See, my mom was a single parent and we really had quite a lot of hard times then (I will have to do a separate entry for this); ergo, travelling was not that of a priority . Thank God, though, we are able / starting to do it now.

Last (year) Holy Week, we–mother, brother, me + Tita Vi’s family–visited our relatives in La Union and had a quick drop-off at Vigan. And it seems like we’re enjoying North so much, this time we went to Baguio–a relief from the intense heat in Manila! Oh boy, I was just so giddy because it is, ladies and gentlemen, my First time in the City of Pines! Haha. I know, right? Super late-bloomer lang ang peg.

Anyhooo, we travelled at around 4am. It was still dark, but I tell you, traffic was just amazing–a lot of people were on the road already.

It would be a long ride going to Baguio but it wouldn’t bore you if you got your family, cute cousins, and tons of music with you! Oh, did I mention sight-seeing would be cool at this point too?

You would pass through provinces like Tarlac and Pampanga and at this time, some of the people there were doing their yearly Holy Week penitence–carrying the cross and then eventually would be hanged there or hitting their backs with something sharp that would leave it bleeding all the way through to where they were supposed to go. By doing these, they believed that they would become somewhat nearer as to what Christ had done for them / for us 2000 years ago by reliving it and that it would pay up for their sins. It’s the culture there. But personally, I don’t really approve of it and I hope that that kind of culture would stop because we don’t have to do it anymore, you know, to pay up for our sins . Christ died on the cross 2000 years ago to clear our debt to sins. That’s how He loved us; He wanted a relationship with us. Agree? Orayt.

By 10-11am, we headed for a quick stop over (Pangasinan at this time) to go grab something to eat. What’s the best way to beat the summer heat? Eat Razon’s halo-halo! That will do it for’ya! That we do too! Oh, in Pangasinan, Razon’s halo-halo is only P65 (P30 cheaper than in Manila and it’s much yummier, di ba Brother?)!

Lo and behold, an hour after lunch, we’re saying hello to Baguio na! Weeee! (I believe this is Kenon Road kase the Lion’s here eh! :P)

And there’s a lot of pasalubong items from here pa lang!

Lookey lookey, we found Stitch!

We arrived in the afternoon where the sun was at its peak. It wasn’t cold as I expected it would be–winter-cold kase yung nasa isip ko, yung exagge lang! HAHA. But, although King Sun was so welcoming, he wasn’t as scorching as he would be like when you meet him in Manila. Plus, when the wind blew your direction, it really is presko! Sarap! HAHA.

Our first stop was the Burnham Park to find somewhere to eat because we are definitely starving upon arrival. This is the famous park in Baguio; it’s like a key place you could go to. We weren’t able to scout the whole place, though–I wasn’t able to go biking and all that. Boo. :/

Fresh strawberyy taho + the view from your balcony = perfect way to start your freezy morning! :)

I’m so addicted doing these kinds of photographs with trees and Mr. Sun as subject. Nature is the best! More of Baguio was our agenda the following day… And so, we go…

There were a lot of people at Mines View, I cannot even take a decent picture of it. Ugh!

We visited the strawberry farm also! It’s fun picking strawberries (and then eating them as soon as you picked them while no one’s looking)! HAHA. There were lettuces and broccolis around the farm too–guaranteed fresh, I tell you!

My ultimate fave spot in Baguio is found at Camp John Hay–the Cemetery of Negativism. No, it’s not what you think, I thought of that too at first. But, Cemetery of Negativism is a place where you burry all your self-imposed infliction, your most limiting factor and your heavy burdens. These were my favorite tombstones. The idea was just really cool!

Our last destination was at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) where we went gaga having our pictures taken with the marines, soldiers, navy, etc. My iPod doesn’t do justice on these pictures, but promise, Baguio was way lot beautiful than these. You should go see for yourself if you haven’t been in the place.

What I really noticed about Baguio was its greens! There are a lot of trees–Pines! And it made me happy because I love to be surrounded by tons of them. And so, I was disturbed about these SM plans of earth-balling them for their car park. Come on!

Baguio was really beautiful. Stick with greens and save the trees!

XOXO, Ninsy

Karylle: Basically

Half shy, half scared

I never really looked into your eyes
till late this morning
I wore shades of brown
You couldn’t see the part of me
I hid from you so well

How many lines do we still need
How many walks, unending talks to put me to sleep
You sat me down and patted my head
Oh strange but sweet
Basically that’s you and me’

Half truths, half lies
I never really knew you until now
Lost in the moment somehow
My fears walked out and left
I never really saw you
as anything but my bestfriend

How many lines do we still need
How many walks, unending talks to put me to sleep
You sat me down and patted my head
Oh strange but sweet
Basically that’s you and me’

Truth be told, I never thought
I’d find a love at all
Resigned to the fact that i’ll always be alone

Just when I chilled
You walked in
Gave me flowers everyday
Sad song started to fade away

Now tell me again who wrote our story and set up each scene

Picture perfect from the start
You my friend are set apart
Are set apart are set apart

How many lines do we still need
How many walks, unending talks to put me to sleep
You sat me down and patted my head
Oh strange but sweet
Basically that’s you and me

How many lines do we still need
How many walks, unending talks to put me to sleep
You sat me down and patted my head
Oh strange but sweet
Basically that’s you and me

Basically that’s you and me
Basically that’s you and me

~Because I’m super loving this song. Feel-good lang especially the part where it says: Just when I chilled / You walked in / Gave me flowers everyday / Sad song started to fade away–I would love to sing this for future boyfie (if ever I will have one). :)

Dear Big Guy, I really want one. But, if You would want me to be single for the rest of my life, help me to acce no I know I’m not meant for that. Haha. Sometimes, all my hopes and desires of being in a relationship takes over; then, I always remember Pastor Peter Tan-Chi: If you’re happy single, you’ll be happier married.

I wanna be a happy single. I am. Though I got this-and-that feelings one too many times…ok let’s stick with being single + happy! :D

Just to add, though, d’you know what the Lord impressed on me when I was in my Prayer and Fasting Week which I truly feel connected with what I’m feeling right now? Before you can create one big happy relationship with just about anyone, you need to be satisfied with His presence first. Our relationship with Him is the basis of all other relationships that we have or could have–it’s our choice between the stone or sand. Oh yes! Cheers!

Moodboard: Dernier Cri

When I think about the past year that has gone, I can’t help but just to be thankful. The Big Guy has been really faithful to me and my family–no words can equate to the joy that He brought to my life. With that, I commit my 2012 as my Make My Daddy Proud Year. You see, that’s the least that I can do for ALL He has done in me and my family’s lives! :)

Alrighty! I really thought of doing this year’s up-faced, hopeful and all things positive moodboard, however, I ended up doing other than that. (I promise to make one of those usual moodboards I do before the month end, though.)

I am a fashion-forward-wanna-be. That being said, I always wanted to wear all those cool outfits by mix-matching clothes from my closet. But then again, I don’t have the luxury of having all those clothes and shoes I really wanted (and sometimes, I don’t have the guts) to wear inside my wardrobe yet. Somebody once even said that I dressed up as somebody living in the 90s year–I must’ve been really quirky when it comes to my porma. HAHA. Weirdo me. I have said this a thousand and over: I wanna be a Supermodel–since it looked like I won’t be that, I just enjoyed browsing/stalking fashion-bloggers’ blog and am truly inspired by them.

I blogstalk: the Glam chic, Cheyser Pedragosa’s The Walking Recessionista; the Classic lady, Camille Co’s Camille Tries to Blog; and ultimately the Boho girl Danika Rio’s Hello-rio! When I visit their blog, it’s like I relived childhood dreams of Malibu Barbie I am so inspired, not only by their edgy look but by their unique and dopeness attitude in whatever dress they wear. Promise, super fan lang drama ko! And because they inspired me, here are the grabbed photos I collected from their sites (I just collated all that I superrrr liked). I dunno. There’s something in those look-shots that give me a happy and calming aura–I look at them when I’m stressed, bored, or just wanna be truly cheered up!


And we have here some New Year’s Fashion Tips from Camille Co.

If you can’t wear them…just wear them in your dreams! HAHA. Drooling over some of those stuffs up on the moodboard over there. Gaaah!

Wear your attitude right. Spark your fashion…well, no matter what it is! ;)

Pot Ledom is Top Model Spelled Backwards.

It was in high school when I found myself very hooked with the Tyra Banks Show–it talks about encouraging young girls like me; loving your own look, your skin, your race; knowing to respect others while standing your own grounds, etc. The host, the Tyra Banks, is so sincere and inspiring. I mean, you would love to hang out with her every night–it’s like every word she says, she mean it from the heart and you would feel that.

Later on I found out that she’s not only managing a talk show, but, a something I would still want to be in when I grow up Model Search as well! Ain’t that great?! It was from the show America’s Next Top Model ANTM that birthed my dreams of becoming a Model. I wanted to wear all those clothes and shoes fashion people use in the runways and all. I wanted to be photographed by Nigel Barker (noted fashion photographer); be on the cover of, with six-page spread, Seventeen Magazine or Vogue Italia; be one of the models in a Anna Sui Fashion Show (just because her collection requires a lot of bubbly-ness and such girly confidence which I think I could have); and finally, only be mentored by Tyra would be a great privilege. Ang cool lang!

While I’m not yet reaching 1/4s of my Model dream, I just suit myself in choosing fashion inspirations with ANTM contestants. I have listed a few favorites from all the series.

Número Uno: Joanie.

This girl is so gorgeous when she’s in front of the camera. She changes her ordinary to beautiful. I dunno. There’s something in me that really admires her. You might also notice, she looks like Scarlett Johansson. Totally gorge!

Número Dos: Heather.

I always loved girls in the competition with strong weird faces–my dear Heather is part of that. Her eyes is my favorite asset, it looks like it’s out for kill! Oddly gorgeous and fab!

Número Tres: Ann.

Patently Gauche, André Leontalley (I dunno if I got his name spelled correctly) describe her as that. And yes she is. She is very awkward yet her being that translates a highly fashion editorial photograph. This girl is a 6footer; while others saw that as grotesque-ish, that made a strong asset and made her won America’s Next Top Model Cycle I forgot. Who says we can’t make our own differences rock? ;) And oh, she resembles Alice, a Cycle winner, of Australia’s Next Top Model too. Wicked cool!

Número Kwatro: Annaleigh.

Now, this girl knows how to work her body angles that could make for a high-end editorial. That happens when someone strut her ice-skating edge over other contestants. Although, her face is not that strong as her body, she worked hard to exude the right flow of movements for everyone to see.

Número Singko: Raina.

Her foxy eyes and Brookeshield-ish brows, those jaws and bones–equates to a highly editorial photograph! She is just stunning under the lenses! Very Vogue Italia lang ang peg! I love her face; how it can be so bold and strong or so innocent and soft. Work of art!

Número Sais: Allison.

She is my ultimate favorite!!! At first, I’m confused if I should pick Raina over her, but, this girl’s quirkiness won my heart. You see, this girl is so weird, you’ll love her! She looks very naive yet worldly-wise and all that. Everything about her face, especially her eyes, her posture and composure–all of those work when she’s in front of the camera. She is just very different. Her difference made her adorable. I also love that she looks so humble, down-to-earth and mysterious all at the same time.

You might wanna love this video of hers. LSS lang! Mother, sister, brother….Underwater!

Grammar Alert: I said ‘highly editorial photograph,’ or ‘high-end editorial’ a lot of times. Sorry for that. :P

Don’t give up on your dreams and someday you’ll be able to reach them somehow!


Me (with my awesome blockmates) on Rage Magazine–our Corporate Communication project back at College!

Go ahead, Punch the moon! :)

Moodboard: Be the Difference.

Three years ago, I wondered as to what could be the purpose of my life and my connection with God.

You know, I grew up aware of the Christian values and all that; however, one important thing I’ve learned is that Christianity hits more on the Personal Core Department–it’s more of a choice. It’s a choice to follow Christ, to live a life in a clean slate, to be renewed. And up until now, I’m still learning. Most times, I had failed; I was given countless chances and then failed again; stood up, then a little bit later, falling back again. Sometimes I just can give up on myself but God’s grace abides. I’ve been saying this in the entirety of this blog, He never gave up on me. He’s patiently waiting on me / on us, He simply can’t give up. Imagine the love, He died on the cross for us. He wanted every bit of best things for our lives but because of our stubbornness, we forfeit some of those beyond-amazing blessings.

To this day, I am learning what God wanted me to do. Sometimes, I think, it’s applicable for everyone too. As a Christian, we are told to be salt and light to this world and to the people we encounter here. Whatever we have is something that He entrusted to us–we are responsible for it. What do we do with what He has given is what could really count.

I actually feel that, at ALL times, I should exude Christ in me for other people. It’s like, whatever I do, I should think is that what God would do if He’s in my case. Will Jesus act like how I’m acting; what will He do if He’s in my situation; things like that. Do you get me? Or my senses are rumbled up again? It’s just like, I need to shine out to other people the attitude of Christ–his great love and compassion, encouragement and patience, those things that I know He is. I think that’s the ‘difference’ I wanted to achieve–through my attitude (Christ-likeness), I could bring people to light and to God (their real freedom). That brings me joy too when I’m able to do that. I don’t really know if I explained what I’m trying to say real well, but yeah.

We all can make a difference–no matter how we define the ‘difference’ we wanna achieve. At the goal line, it’s the deal with you and your Father. :)



Inspire. Be inspired.
Be different. Make a difference.

Finally, I got to the point of Loving IT!

Today, the most amazing-est thing happened in my line of work.

Way back the month of June, I was accepted to be a part of the team of Christian Convergence for Good Governance CCGG and was given the position to be the Program Officer of Communications, Research and Publications. CCGG is a coalition of faith-based organizations committed to advocate, equip and mobilize for good governance and nation-building (cheating on the organization’s profile here); NGOs are known for conducting various seminars, trainings and other things that equates to learning. Basically, my job description are: to research and write out for the kits that will be used for those trainings and the advocacy of our organization; to coordinate with the layout artist and other people who are involved in printing out those materials; to be involved in brain-stormings and planning for the trainings; and ,to be well-informed of the current happenings on the government sort of like government-watching as I call it. With all these in mind, an ordinary individual can do the equation that it’s all about promoting good governance and fighting corruption—very much politics. Get this: I NEVER liked Politics or government issues or anything related to that. It’s just very hard for me eye sore actually. And so I have indeed a difficult time understanding my purpose on why am I in my organization and so forth…until recently.

My Boss exposed me on different board meetings and tasked me to take down important details of the meeting or what they call the Minutes. Before, I never understood that term because I’m never used to it. How pathetic little College Grad student, even High School students know that. But hey, I know it now! I deserve a Yay! Going back, that time gave me insights on how this organization where I belong works—what they do. Little by little (in short after two months) I now get a feel of how it is supposed to be. In addition, their advocacy on fighting corruption touched my inner core and I was like Aaah, that’s sweet. To raise awareness on the corruption that’s happening in the country, they it’s now safe to say, we target the youth (this will be worked on campuses); NGOs and churches (primarily, evangelical churches).

The luxury of staff is what we don’t have, thus, we’re one Program Officer for Trainings and Seminars short. What do we do now? Since there are no budget for the Program Officer for Training yet, I’m assigned to fulfill its duties too—that includes facilitating seminars and a whole lot of time talking to people; doing follow-ups one after the other. I’m really scared facing strangers because my mom told me before to don’t talk to strangers and I process people before I open up myself to them. And so, facilitating is a challenge for me. Although, I always wanted to do that: to help other people and then inspire them in the process. Congratulations, dream come true! Ha! Training schedules start on September and counting now, it’s one week left. I’m gonna need some prayers on these please. ;)

Our organization is coming up with a new project too—publishing a book where people from different walks of life had their fair share of them saying no to corruption. Yesterday, my Boss appointed me to interview people to whom we might actually get good stories for the book we’re about to publish. I got the chance to start my day one on the interview part earlier. And oh my, I’ve seen a lot of hearts and hopes in their stories. It inspired me as a person. It inspired me as a Filipino. I can’t explain the whole scenario of the interview part yet but one thing’s for sure, the experience of doing the interview made me love my work even more and appreciate the very simplest thing of it: making the Filipinos aware of the reality of corruption (that even ordinary people are capable of) and what they can do to stop it. I have a lot of interview schedules dated ahead of me and even if it means I won’t be celebrating the weekend extensions on Monday and Tuesday I’m truly excited of the things I’m about to learn.

I’m thankful for this kind of job (which I doubted at first) God has given me. This is where He placed me and I know that I had to fulfill my purpose in here (it’s the other way around, though. I’m the one who’s being fulfilled from this service). Since my officemates are Christians too, they also even without them knowing inspires me about life and other things. And so, yes. This stage of my career life is just AWEZMN! To God be the glory in everything we do. :)