Moodboard: Dernier Cri

When I think about the past year that has gone, I can’t help but just to be thankful. The Big Guy has been really faithful to me and my family–no words can equate to the joy that He brought to my life. With that, I commit my 2012 as my Make My Daddy Proud Year. You see, that’s the least that I can do for ALL He has done in me and my family’s lives! :)

Alrighty! I really thought of doing this year’s up-faced, hopeful and all things positive moodboard, however, I ended up doing other than that. (I promise to make one of those usual moodboards I do before the month end, though.)

I am a fashion-forward-wanna-be. That being said, I always wanted to wear all those cool outfits by mix-matching clothes from my closet. But then again, I don’t have the luxury of having all those clothes and shoes I really wanted (and sometimes, I don’t have the guts) to wear inside my wardrobe yet. Somebody once even said that I dressed up as somebody living in the 90s year–I must’ve been really quirky when it comes to my porma. HAHA. Weirdo me. I have said this a thousand and over: I wanna be a Supermodel–since it looked like I won’t be that, I just enjoyed browsing/stalking fashion-bloggers’ blog and am truly inspired by them.

I blogstalk: the Glam chic, Cheyser Pedragosa’s The Walking Recessionista; the Classic lady, Camille Co’s Camille Tries to Blog; and ultimately the Boho girl Danika Rio’s Hello-rio! When I visit their blog, it’s like I relived childhood dreams of Malibu Barbie I am so inspired, not only by their edgy look but by their unique and dopeness attitude in whatever dress they wear. Promise, super fan lang drama ko! And because they inspired me, here are the grabbed photos I collected from their sites (I just collated all that I superrrr liked). I dunno. There’s something in those look-shots that give me a happy and calming aura–I look at them when I’m stressed, bored, or just wanna be truly cheered up!


And we have here some New Year’s Fashion Tips from Camille Co.

If you can’t wear them…just wear them in your dreams! HAHA. Drooling over some of those stuffs up on the moodboard over there. Gaaah!

Wear your attitude right. Spark your fashion…well, no matter what it is! ;)

Pot Ledom is Top Model Spelled Backwards.

It was in high school when I found myself very hooked with the Tyra Banks Show–it talks about encouraging young girls like me; loving your own look, your skin, your race; knowing to respect others while standing your own grounds, etc. The host, the Tyra Banks, is so sincere and inspiring. I mean, you would love to hang out with her every night–it’s like every word she says, she mean it from the heart and you would feel that.

Later on I found out that she’s not only managing a talk show, but, a something I would still want to be in when I grow up Model Search as well! Ain’t that great?! It was from the show America’s Next Top Model ANTM that birthed my dreams of becoming a Model. I wanted to wear all those clothes and shoes fashion people use in the runways and all. I wanted to be photographed by Nigel Barker (noted fashion photographer); be on the cover of, with six-page spread, Seventeen Magazine or Vogue Italia; be one of the models in a Anna Sui Fashion Show (just because her collection requires a lot of bubbly-ness and such girly confidence which I think I could have); and finally, only be mentored by Tyra would be a great privilege. Ang cool lang!

While I’m not yet reaching 1/4s of my Model dream, I just suit myself in choosing fashion inspirations with ANTM contestants. I have listed a few favorites from all the series.

Número Uno: Joanie.

This girl is so gorgeous when she’s in front of the camera. She changes her ordinary to beautiful. I dunno. There’s something in me that really admires her. You might also notice, she looks like Scarlett Johansson. Totally gorge!

Número Dos: Heather.

I always loved girls in the competition with strong weird faces–my dear Heather is part of that. Her eyes is my favorite asset, it looks like it’s out for kill! Oddly gorgeous and fab!

Número Tres: Ann.

Patently Gauche, André Leontalley (I dunno if I got his name spelled correctly) describe her as that. And yes she is. She is very awkward yet her being that translates a highly fashion editorial photograph. This girl is a 6footer; while others saw that as grotesque-ish, that made a strong asset and made her won America’s Next Top Model Cycle I forgot. Who says we can’t make our own differences rock? ;) And oh, she resembles Alice, a Cycle winner, of Australia’s Next Top Model too. Wicked cool!

Número Kwatro: Annaleigh.

Now, this girl knows how to work her body angles that could make for a high-end editorial. That happens when someone strut her ice-skating edge over other contestants. Although, her face is not that strong as her body, she worked hard to exude the right flow of movements for everyone to see.

Número Singko: Raina.

Her foxy eyes and Brookeshield-ish brows, those jaws and bones–equates to a highly editorial photograph! She is just stunning under the lenses! Very Vogue Italia lang ang peg! I love her face; how it can be so bold and strong or so innocent and soft. Work of art!

Número Sais: Allison.

She is my ultimate favorite!!! At first, I’m confused if I should pick Raina over her, but, this girl’s quirkiness won my heart. You see, this girl is so weird, you’ll love her! She looks very naive yet worldly-wise and all that. Everything about her face, especially her eyes, her posture and composure–all of those work when she’s in front of the camera. She is just very different. Her difference made her adorable. I also love that she looks so humble, down-to-earth and mysterious all at the same time.

You might wanna love this video of hers. LSS lang! Mother, sister, brother….Underwater!

Grammar Alert: I said ‘highly editorial photograph,’ or ‘high-end editorial’ a lot of times. Sorry for that. :P

Don’t give up on your dreams and someday you’ll be able to reach them somehow!


Me (with my awesome blockmates) on Rage Magazine–our Corporate Communication project back at College!

Go ahead, Punch the moon! :)

Styling 101

Because of boredom, I decided to join Looklet!

What is? Looklet is a brand new styling studio where you can combine every piece in our fashion collection to mix, match and create your personal looks. All clothes are real, selected by stylists, from real designers. It is fashion in a way the world has never seen before.

And since it’s my first day of styling a model yesterday, lemme show you what I have created. :)

I decided to name her Laoili!!!

Isn’t she a beaut? :)

I’ve been planning on styling some more if I’ll be having the privilege of time. She’s the only one I have for now.

Btw, if you wanna visit my Looklet page, just click here (and maybe you wanna make yours too *yay*)!

This is for us, fashion models/stylists wanna-be. Lezz go and be creative!