Hello dear blog! I missed writing random thoughts and feelings and whatever else I got to say in my mind. I’m kinda got it stuck these past few days.

I’m having an emotional-slash-mental battle still going on, you see. I have this major decision to do and I’m competing with myself—something’s terribly wrong is happening with me right now. It’s hard to explain, though. And, I dunno what to do, really. Well I know but I don’t know. I guess one’s self is the hardest opponent of all. Since I’m emotionally unwell, I cannot give full focus on writing/blogging/whatever else I’m doing; hence, the blog hiatus. There’s a lot of tension and drama going inside me.

With all of that being said, I’m requesting for all of you to pray for me a littl lot more. If you could please include me, I would be really grateful.

I don’t know how long I’d be like this (pero sana it ends soon na) but I’m gonna try to be more positive and do the usual things I’m doing in this blog. I’m hoping you’ll help me to cheer up myself quite more.

Dear Self, please do what you need to do; do it ASAP and please, choose wisely.

Anyhoooz, from this point forward, I’ll try to get back to my blog duties. Everything will be alright.

*and this is the part where I should insert a smiling face*

Here you go. Cheers. :)

Write Here. Write Now.

I checked out my blog posts last Friday and noticed that I got less blog-dos way back May to July; I decided then to maximize blogging duties in the following months although it’s gonna be busy days in the office and some activities. I’ll just fix my schedule so that I’ll have time to write (blog) still–oh how I miss dedicating poems!

Poems are really special for me because they’re magical. Few words can mean so much; it’s just wonderful to do them. However, I can only write them when a subject really inspired me to do so–people are my favorite. If you would look at the poems I’ve written in the past, it’s always about the most magical thing in the whole milky way that makes all people kuhrrazzie–L.O.V.E. But No. My poems are not really love related. It’s close to Love, yes, but it’s something lesser than it. Something very high-school-and-college-ish: crush, crushes and crusheses! Haha. Oh how I miss those days when you just talk with your friends about how you are so kilig because he texted, said ‘hi’ first or just the simple heartfelt smiles! Man, you gotta love being young!!! And those kinds of things are what inspired me to write poems, bonus is the writer-friends as inspiration.

When I was growing up, never did I get fond of reading books or writing journals. For me, they’re B-O-R-I-N-G and a whole lot of E-F-F-O-R-T. It was when I stepped in to College years and knowing all these people who loves and have a genuine passion for writing and reading that made me realize that I wanna be like them too–it’s full of good things, heart and soul outpour using that pen onto that notebook. Won. Der. Ful. And so I kinda train myself to it and although I’m at far at what they have reached, I’m on my way to get on the destination of writing-for-fulfillment. How happy I am! :)

Back to basic. Hold those thoughts. Grab your pen. Give your magic words. Let your story unfold. Look beyond and see!