The Long Walks and The Lost Almonds

When you thought your days will turn out ordinary the way it always has, think again. Maybe Mr. Chances is preparing a runway full of surprises every now and then.

This week is a busy week at the office since we’re preparing for the Davao training due Friday (next week will be buzzing for the PLM training too), but it didn’t hinder us to take off an early birthday celebration for Sir Rei – he’s my Trainer before when I/we were on OJT at ISACC, you can encounter him in some of my previous internship posts – he became a part of the CCGG team just recently. His birthday is a Tuesday holiday so we ended celebrating Monday.

At lunch, our tummies were celebrating the joys of potato salad, beef frakkking frakk delicious steak, binagoongan and some steamed veggies courtesy of my boss, Miss Joy, and Tita Ayds. I tell you, I was inch close to over-eating right there. :P I wasn’t able to Kodak the lunch part, so, boo me.

Then came the dinner part where the whole crew went out (for the first time) to extend eating pleasures at Finio, Tomas Morato. Of course, it was a treat of the birthday boy! Yay for treats!!!

Here’s what we ate – a summary:

Nilagang Baka + Pancit topped with Lenchon Kawali + Gambas + Crispy Pata + loads of rice + some banana fritters with ice cream whatever for dessert.

The bonding time was quite cool too. Haha. I was blessed being surrounded with genuinely nice and incredibly smart people. :)

After bidding adieu to some of the crew, Miss Shane and Sir Rei remembered something I owed them. Being the innocent little child, I gave in to their wishes that started the unexpected journey.

Couple of months back I promised to treat my Seniors the much-awaited and over-rated talk-of-the-town ice cream: ze Magnum – a drumstick of Belgian chocolate ice cream in variants of Classic, Chocolate Truffle and Almonds. When I vowed to get them taste it, they never forgot it. They never even ever tried to buy it on their own; they waited for the very moment that I would hand what I promised them. Haha. They’re like kids, not forgetting promises. And today was the day of ending the long wait.

One thing about life: it won’t make your path easy. It will let you persevere for something you really want and want so bad. But in this seemingly pick-and-shovel road, we are ought to rise above its challenge. And that’s what we did.

Who would’ve thought that before we can eat a Magnum of our choice we have to walk pass across the earth? You think I’m exaggerating? Since we wanted to eat the Almond flavored Magnum, we went and searched for it. And we searched real hard, and by real hard I mean, two and a half hours of walk, eleven convenient store visits, three liters of sweat and a pocketful of hope and perseverance. we just wouldn’t quit and settle unless we got the Almond in our hands.

But you see, not everything you wanted will be given on the time you wanted it. However I believe it is always given at the most perfect timing, a perfect timing that would just slaps you a smack on the face. The journey to your end destination will incur you to bag all the courage, hope, faith and guts you can get. The Big Guy is never all too late or early for you.

And yes, after long hours of searching with no more convenient stores on sight, we were forced to stop. The night is not getting any younger, the new day is already peeking. This is what we’ve got after all our chasing hopes.


It wasn’t bad, though. It was a quite a unique walk. It’s different when you walk with people that don’t just give up in a snap. They’re really cool doing so. Ergo, we had the chance to celebrate Sir Rei’s birthday at its appointed date. Haha. Yes, we were at the road until the wee hours of the morning and were eating quite the worth of our pagod.

There. Although we didn’t get what we exactly wanted, maybe it’s not about getting it really, it’s about the attitude and perspective while at it. While at the journey. You know, life will entails you to give it your all and its unfair trial will, sometimes, lead you to disappointment. But, the Big Guy is just a sweet man. More than getting where you want and what you want, He develops your character while getting where He wants you to be and getting what He wants you to get.

In the meantime, you have to keep up with a view of fresh eyes on each situation you’re in. With that, I’ll leave you with my Moodboard (this is for the month of April): Renew Your Mind.



Be your best and enjoy the journey! Cheers! :)