Happy First!

For the record, writing-slash-blogging requires Effort. Haha. It’s very challenging to write sometimes because it consumes more of your time. Instead of drowning yourself to sleep, you pound the keyboard and pouring out your treasured moments for the sake of the chronicles. Writing is like talking non-stop and not caring if you’re showering an ample amount of your saliva to the person in front of you. But still, you write/you talk, because that’s where you feel you’re freedom. :)

College. The four years I spent studying under a Mass Communication course at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines was a sweet scent of vanilla and maple syrup as well as big bites from the bugs’ life in the woods combined. I mean, it’s the same principle of everyone – there are happy, cloud9 moments (especially with strangers who became your friends); there are stormy, I-am-not-expecting-this-to-happen moments (when friends become like strangers again and a bit annoying). College is more than just the friends you’ll meet, though. It’s about being invincible, being carefree, being confident, being vulnerable, being in the state of falling for a friend, being in the decision of sticking to just-friends. It’s about learning. It’s about dreaming for a future, your future, a wonderful future.

Fast forward to today. You graduated. It would be your time to grab the future you wanted. And yes, the world – real world – is not very kind, however, Someone is beyond the world. There is that Someone you can hold on to. Someone who you can throw all your worries, fears, disappointment and tears to. Someone who you can share your achievements, successes, goals and ambitions to. There is that Someone – you can find Him somewhere deep inside you if you longed to.

When I graduated, I always thought of working in a corporation – be on Advertising or Marketing just because I thought the coolness of such works. Or maybe, if not there, I would be in a firm, a research firm since I graduated a Communication Research course – maybe I could learn more of researching once in the firm. Or maybe I could be at your major network stations, getting interesting stories to be featured for different programs. Or maybe somewhere else I won’t expected I’d be in. And of course, the latter opportunity came knocking in weeks after my graduation day or what we call the bumming stage (crucial stage on the hype of vacation and the pressure on finding your first job).

Unlike most of my batch mates, I didn’t really look for, find, or search for a job that hard. I received a call from my OJT trainer one of the chilly nights of May and he told me that I should pursue an interview to this certain organization who’s looking for new personnel. Because he’s my trainer and he’s quite mapilit (in English, persistent), I ended up going to the interview. When I was there, I thought that I would take an exam and all that but the interviewer (my boss now) was like orienting me on the nature of the job already. And she wanted for me to start first day of June. See, after graduation, I told the people around me that I would have a job by the month of June and May would be a month of rest and vacation. Lo and behold, it happened.

Today, I celebrate my first year (!!!) working as a Program Officer (or coordinator) at Christian Convergence for Good Governance – CCGG. It is a faith-based organization that aims to equip, advocate and help in good governance and nation-building. It has three core programs: Corruption Prevention or Integrity and Accountability; Voter Education and Micah Challenge.

I could sum up my first year as in I-never-expected-all-these feelings. Before, I don’t have any idea why, how or what they are doing. I can’t comprehend. Today, there are times that I still don’t, but, I got a grasp of what it is. It’s about doing something for the country – doing God’s work for your country. I got a patriotic cry also, although, I never expected it to be like this. I mean, it’s an effort. What I see in my boss, trainer and the people in the office: it’s a passion. I don’t have that high of a passion yet. And there are times that I just wanted to quit because I felt that I might not be helping them or I’m an added burden. I still think of quitting, however, I know I shouldn’t. It’s not yet the time.

I am thankful because the Big Guy gave me a job career, perhaps, that I needed. All talk saying you love your country but there’s no action is just a waste. You got to find what you want to advocate for while you’re young – that’s what I’ve learned from them. There would be a lot of skills like coordinating events, popularizing in-depth topics, bringing services to the marginalized groups, networking with other organizations, making budgets and proposals, and many more – those are skills, my boss said, that I should grab while staying in the organization. I might not totally be engrossed with all the things that we do, at the very least, I should get all the skills that’s gonna be in front of me. It’s just so fulfilling, however, when we got opportunities to bring the message to whoever: youth, pastors, corporate people. And I love that fulfilling feeling. :)

I thank Him also for my boss. I’m sure if I work in other company or what not, they can never be as patient as my boss is. She is one true genuine patient individual when it comes to me. I could be very stubborn and not do my best at all times and earn not-so-good outcomes, but, she’ll give me chances to recover when I fail. Sometimes even I’m afraid to talk to her about some things, she gave me unsolicited advices – they’re unsolicited, but it’s what I need. I think she is the kindest boss and I’m thankful that she is and that she is my boss.

There a lot of things at work I am thankful for:
•the way we all eat together at lunch, even with the adjacent org – ACDA
•the food that we are eating especially during birthdays, special occasions or just when Ate Nonette’s brings a lot of ulam from their supper last night
•the clothes that Ate Nonette, Ate Rose or Miss Joy (my boss) gave me surprisingly
•even the chocolates and other simple gifts we receive at Valentine’s Day from the ACDA people (Ate Nonette and Miss V)
•the staff devotion my boss facilitates and all those prayer time that we have – I really felt the Lord is teaching me to be more prayerful; hence, I’m in CCGG
•the many other wonderful things that sometimes I miss out or ignore
•and other many things that I can’t write down anymore :)

There’s a lot that I learned and there are more to come. With that, I would end (again) by my Moodboard which is for the month of May (I’m just so late again on posting): Far Better Things. Photo (source) credits: Happy Things and Bubbly Kat.


Because there are far better things that lies ahead, far wonderful and even more blessed than the year had gone in celebration of my first year in this career. :)

Be on the edge of a miracle. Depend. Believe. Cheers!