Dear Carla

I’m writing this while I’m falling in line for a BIR payment at Makati. Grabe, line is sooooooooooo long. Lol. So this is actually dated June 9, 2014 but I’m publishing it today. I don’t know what date this will fell but I found that there’s no other way to have a productive waiting time than to write a letter for a friend who’s about to leave. Insert kain three pieces of siling labuyo here. Hehe. #insidejokesforthewin

So yeah, you will be terribly missed!!! If there’s a word more superlative than “missed,” that’s what we’re going to feel when you’re gone. Lunchtime by August will never be the same without your corny jokes and pang-doñang smile. No, your jokes were never corny haha! I like them all :(

I want to sound so smart here but I can’t. Lol. Because I’m not “that” smart and because I’m not – I’ll never be – good at goodbyes. Shux, this will be so sad in person. Hay!

When I first met you back when I’m not yet working at your sister company (hehezz) I really felt welcomed by your presence. You were this big soul of wide smiles and warm heart. Instantly, I told myself: I like this girl (no, I’m not tiboom! Lololol), I want to be her friend. And when opportunity came, I was so grateful. It was so nice to have some office friends who you can consider special and near your heart, your lungs, your esophagus, your larynx, you know what I mean? Haha! Everyday I look forward to lunchtime because I’ll have an hour or more of kwentos and tawanans with you, Erika, CJ, Rocel and the rest of the gang. You guys are the coolest!

I remember the time when we went to Eastwood just because we have sweldo (haha) and we wanted to have a good time; and yes, good times were achieved with a very legit sermon bonus from Miss Yole because I got home by 1am. Lol. Those were also the times when you and Erika were so furious because you wanted to take a peek of my armpits (!!!) lol sobra niyong lala! I felt vulnerable but then I also realized how transparent you guys were. You are never afraid to be judged by the way you act. It was so funny because you are (unconsciously) teaching me how to be less guarded and less afraid of what other people will think of me because of how I behave. It was actually a good thing because I’m the kind of person who, sometimes, cares too much of how I am perceived by other people (esp those I just met or recently acquainted with). Being with you, though, there were no pretensions. And I value that.

I want you to know and understand how special you are. You can bring so much joy to anybody you come in contact with. You are given a gift to make other people smile, and not just smile, we’re talking huge huge smiles and laughters here. You have that effect. You are so thoughtful and caring especially to your family — your dad, your mom, your sisters, Danielle. You are the epitome of the-daughter-who-valued-the-bowling-sessions-of-her-father-even-if-she-has-to-sacrifice-her-Friday-night-gimmicks-and-overnights. Haha! Not so many kids do that nowadays.

Your beauty shines inside out. Please believe me when I or other people tell you: you’re beautiful. We mean it because you simply are. You have principles, you have values, you have beliefs, you have dreams, you have faith, you have God – these will carry you forward into a future which will bring you great joy and success. You must face the reality, however, that not everyone will cheer you on the way. Many of them will shoot your spirit until there’s nothing left. And, the hardest part is, these people could be me or other of your friends or other of your family. Understand that people, sometimes, don’t intend to hurt but they can do so because they are capable. Get hurt. Grieve. But don’t forget to forgive.

Every ending will usher in new beginnings. Enjoy your adventure and be your best while at it. There will come a time when you might forget the people you left behind. And that is perfectly okay. If forgetting the past means giving solid spaces to new memories, new moments and new people, please forget the past. You are not bound to live by it, anyway. Keep on moving forward, Carla. The people you leave behind will be okay. Humans are just too selfish not to let go, sometimes, but we can carry on. We will. And you will.

I don’t know if you actually have the patience to read the entirety of this letter. Haha! Sorry, I wrote so many things because my thoughts were all over the place. I wish to say more but I’ll stop here.

Carla, you are made for something more. Something bigger than you could ever thought of. Don’t let people stop you from believing your dreams. The movers and changers of the world were once tagged as crazy, radical and full of non-sense. Guess what? Those things never stopped them from doing what they think they should be doing. And they all failed at some point. But, they all succeeded in the end. I hope you know that success is not always fame and money; it has something to do with the heart that kept on thriving. Remember Eraserheads?

You can’t win at everything but you can try.

This will be a wonderful journey for you. Head on and heart strong, okay?


Ze motto in life: Tubig is water. Ilog is river. Combine it together, we love Carla forever! #rhyming #jejepoetry


Sorry for being clingy the past months. Thank you for keeping up with it. Thank you for the 7pm adventures at Pearl Drive; searching for cute UA&P boys at Rufo’s; twirling Raspberry ice cream at Family Mart; eating at a Korean food stall with the very accommodating Korean owner explaining how every ingredient – even the hamburger steak – is all from Korea or home-made; I’d probably order your Altitude (almond + malt + rock salt and cheese) at ZenTea even though I don’t like it and I don’t like milk teas in general just so I can remember how we convinced ourselves that the dog across the street was searching for her soul mate. HAHA

Here’s to hoping to seeing you at Erika’s bridal shower and wedding! Iiyak pa tayo dun hanggang ma-annoy si Hendrix! Hahaha chos Make your adventure count, my friend! Make good choices!

One week to go!!! Wo mhen wei hen zhiang ni!