The Beginning of a Battle

I arrived at the office in the afternoon because I accompanied Shiela to school. Excuse a good friend here. And so as we were waiting for the others to arrive for us to take our lunches, I checked the laptop up. Shiela inserted her USB on the laptop and wolah! Her files were all gone as well! And there’s this pop-up box that keeps on appearing every time I insert a USB—and once you close it, it just comes back up. I hate it. It made me worry ‘cause if every time a USB will be inserted and the files will be corrupted, man, my aunt will kill me! Ha! I was so worried that I became so serious. It’s not my normal self, you know. It’s frustrating that time, really.

Then, since I can’t do anything yet, I just continued on our Data Interpretation. After some time, I feel well enough and was back to my old me. Ha ha. Plus, I asked my mom on what to do about the virus that was in the laptop and she told me to go to her office afterwards so an IT specialist can look over the problem. With all these things, no need to worry myself anymore. Every burden has taken care of.

Before we went home, we needed to see our Trainers first. They’re gonna disclose some important things to us. And we bet it’s about the presentation. What could it be? Our hints are so right. Miss Shane gave us a schedule to follow already; because apparently, if she wouldn’t set the deadline, we wouldn’t be dealing with it. Like deal with it, seriously. And so, here is our new-and-no-retreat-no-surrender schedule:

  • March 29 – Submission of the final study.  No more excuses.
  • March 30 – The study will be returned to us and we’ll revise it. No more thinking-twice.
  • March 31 – Presentation time! No more holding back.

The end is near and we’ll face our final curtain next week. Warng! Lezz go, lezz go! May our good Lord be with us wherever we go! Shout love. Big hugs. High-fives. Peace! :)

Swiss-Chocolate Filled

Third Day of our OFR today. Meaning: Deadline!–’cause we’re only scheduled 3days to conclude this.

I woke up early in the morning (around 3:30am) to do my assigned tasks which I wasn’t able to accomplish yesternight due to exhaustion. By the grace of God, I was able to wrap-up the Background, Rationale, (proper wordings for) Problem and Objective Statements. I felt a little bit at ease because (at the very least) I’ve done something already, however, Framework and Design were knocking at the doors of my anxiety.

From the time I arrived at the office, I spread All the papers that I (and Mayu) will be needing. Read the things I need to read to finish the final agenda for the day. Our Trainers told us yesterday that the OFR Consultation will be done later in the afternoon of today because they would be Out in the morning (and I was like “Yeah Men”-ing while they’re disclosing this matter). And so, Mayu and I decided that we will be working on our Framework and Design until the time of Consultation comes.

Both of us have different agenda to do and so we are so focused and were not able to talk that much.

I finished the Theoretical Framework before lunch; (we) worked on the Conceptual Model after our Big Meal (and we had a late lunch due to our busy-ness) and do the Research Design after that. Anon, we took the privilege of using the Two computers (we only got three, you see–I’m using the *very-old-version-yet-I-super-like* Mac and Mayu on the desktop) to encode the data that we have bring about.

At around 4pm, guess who knocked at the Office door? Bam! Our Trainers! They’re telling us to get ready for the Consultation. But since we were very good Trainees, we asked for an extension of an hour to touch-type our OFRs. They were genuinely kind to grant our petition. Miss Shane gave her email address to us, so that we can just email the OFRs and she can print it out at the Main Office (at the 3rd floor if you can still remember?) and afterward proceed to the Consultation which would be held by Sir Rei.

This is what we still need to do base on the Consultation:

  • (minor) proper wordings for the Problem and Objective Statements
  • enhance our Conceptual Framework (but he said that we’re on a good track and our theories were A-OK)
  • elucidate our Research Design

We’re gonna do some editing and polishing over the weekend ’cause we need to submit the definite OFR on Tuesday.

Thanks to Mari-choi! She did the bestest effort for the group task on Mindanao Peace and our Trainers appreciate it very much because they badly need the collected and sorted data this month. Next week would be the time to work on the Supreme Court Task (please pray for our guidance).

Praises and glory to our good good Lord for the wisdom and knowledge that He showered us for this OFR Week!


And I just want to have a decent sleep which I can’t attain due to our homework for tomorrow. Wapow! Nevertheless, this Day was uber Tiring yet really Fulfilling!

Cheers people!


*p.s.: Happy First Month What Is? (lifeanditswhatnots)! Ding ding ding!