Because she inspired me and it’s her birthday…

One of the few people that I copy-the-art-of-writing-plus-blog-stalk is this lady.

I planned on introducing her using her own introductions (wow, where are my sensibility gone?) but she doesn’t have one on her blog unlike Coco who has her quite long self-intros. Hope was the last thing I have and will never loose, so as I searched her archives I found this 15 interesting facts about herself that she posted due to a 30-day challenge.  Here we go.

15 Interesting Facts about the birthday girl written by herself dated September 22, 2010:

1. I love long posts. Especially here on Tumblr. But I guess we’re kinda extinct right now. Because it’s always convenient to post and read pictures and typographs, right?

2. I have this thing for good basketball players. lol!

3. I have this intricate budget planner and perfectly budgeted allowance that is adjustable when it comes to buying books. :)

4. I have this thing for notebooks. haha. (sorry, I already mentioned this one)

5. I find challenges like this superb fun! :p

6. I do not have plans with my life yet, given that I have only few months before graduating. grr. and it hurts my perfectly organized self, big time!

7. I think I’m still in love with someone for the last what, six years. I know, I must move on. lol!

8. I’m in the midst of identity crisis right now. Not the gender-related one. I just can’t think of a more appropriate term.

9. I always end up caring for, loving and liking those people who I “hate” during the first meeting. lol. i.e. Melissa, Verna, Pauline. :D

10. There are times when I would just want to keep things for myself and be quiet but with friends like mine, it’s difficult. lol!

11. I am a Disney Channel Baby. :) yes, I’m 20 already, but what can I do? I think I’ll be forever young in heart.

12. I will never get tired of Disney’s Princesses, most especially Cinderella.

13. It was not until last June 2010 when I first watched Julia Robert’s Notting Hill. And I totally fell in love with the movie, and watched it for the nth time.

14. I have a huge crush on Nick and Joe Jonas. gee. admitting this is really nakakahiya on my part!

15. I’ll be forever in love with You. :)

there. I tried my best not to repeat anything from the “nine things about myself” from the last challenge. But I ended up including things that I already stated in my previous posts. Forgive me for that.

You are one very beautiful person inside out. Continue to be an OC be happy and be that sparkle of sunshine. May you walk with the Lord each and everyday of your life and surely, He will give the desires of your heart. I miss and loveyah! Happy happy birthday Attorney 1, Ella Alferos a.k.a. Maria Krisna Parrera!

Smile wide. Cheers!