Digital Hi-Five!

Let me tell you about a girl who fascinates me, a lot.

For one, she is one of my sisters-in-Christ at school; a very close friend of mine; an inspiration to our generation; a woman who belongs to God. This girl is soooo talented–she sings, dances, acts and do whatever else that you can ask one person to do; she does it with excellence and flying colors. Why so? Everything she does or about to do, she makes sure that it’s gonna be the best of who she is. Why? She performs for an audience of One. I salute her for that. I think that positivity that she possesses is what everyone’s needing today. You know, it’s not about us, who we are or what we can do. It’s about who He is, what He has done for us and what can we give back to Him in praise. :)

Someday, I wanted to be someone like her. Coz right now, I’m still a work in progress. Someone who can put a smile and pride on God’s heart. When that comes, I could finally say that I’ve done IT. Haha. For now, give it up for the astonishing, Myla Sambas. Woot woot!

Congratulations on grabbing the First Spot on the Battle of the Acoustic bands at GGCFC! To God be all the glory! :)