Embrace the Brace + Reunite with JJ Friends

Cutest candy braces evarrrrr! Then some sudden shift to some Junior Jock reunion last Friday! Woot!

Bud JJ Lois  and Poss JJ Carlos.

Me and Poss.

Me and Bud.

And unfortunately, we find it hard to take a picture of us in one shot, thus we don’t pursue it anymore. Haha!

We had a handful of laughs and musical realizations after watching this:

It’s a very fun week last week. And my weekend too was great pardon for being random, yet again because me and my DGroup (Discipleship Group) went to Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain and God just blessed me with dear sisters-in-Christ who will help me grow deeper in my relationship with Him and to whom I’ll share a part of me and my life. I can’t believe God’s grace. O. Ver. Whel. Ming.

Orayt. That’s it for now. Great week ahead!

With Monday luv and braces,