Let Me Go Chopsuey on You

Chopsuey or Chop Seuy (n.) : a quick Filipino-style stir fry of vegetables and meat in thickened sauce.

In my context, as what I learned from Isabel Garcia, I’ll Chopsuey (notice, it’s a verb) my way into writing this post. Meaning, I’ll toss around different kinds of updates and ideas and whatnot since I can’t, for the life of me, make a coherent narration of what’s happening in my life as of late before I went dormant. There are a lot of things I wanted to write about but obviously, I have not sat down on it. I think, it’s gonna explode in my mind and be gone forever without shedding its light onto the pages of this little space I call mine. To prevent that from happening, I needed to take action. And just write it down. And. I’m. Gonna. Write. It. Down. Right. Now.


What happened to my writing adventure which is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)?

The reason why I was not writing much in the blog for a few weeks back in November was because I was nose deep in writing my very first novel and hoping to finish it (writers should’ve bled 50 thousand words in the month of November for their novel) as the pre-requisite to win the challenge.

Here’s my final output, I stopped writing around third week #sadface:

My unfinished novel in November.

My unfinished novel back in November.

Yes, I didn’t get the bragging rights of finishing a novel within a month. Sucks! I’m forty thousand way behind the target that time. From this photo, it kind of looked like I failed. Well, I really did fail. Ha! Not because I wasn’t able to reach the target but because I stopped right in the middle of I know I can still write something but there are just too many things I have to do right now moments that turned into Okay, instead of doing so many things, I think I should just let myself rest for a while, I wouldn’t able to finish the novel in time, anyway. In short, I gave up. I let my novel rest itself for the last two weeks of the challenge. I don’t want to admit that I lost and failed what I had imposed upon myself on… but, lost and failure happened, so here we are.

From the start of it all, I was really positive. I felt alive. Writing a novel is something new for me; I’m not a fiction writer, so it became a good challenge for my brave. I was at the edge of my brain cells trying to hold it all together to give birth to a story. It was only a night before the challenge proper that I finally got a story in mind. It was a wonderful feeling, it’s like you got this freedom to stitch in stories of characters you want to exist on a page, on a certain lifetime, facing their own adversity and hoping that they too, will win it. It was glorious watching them unfold like a beautiful dance number in the middle of a boring school program. It was fun. Writing fiction was fun but twice harder since you are bringing something into life with your words. It’s like you’re creating your own world with your breath.

My novel Life and Its Whatnots (yes, the book title is my blog domain title haha) has a special place in my heart that although I took a break from it – I was down five Chapters (I never thought I could write Chapters for a novel) when I stopped – I shall pursue and finish it in the first quarter of 2014. Hihi :) Time to continue the adventure! I’ll let you know what kind of novel I wrote, in time.

However, unlike legit writers, I’m still going to write my novel like the way I did for NaNoWriMo — spontaneous. It’s a spontaneous novel which I bet will also surprise me in the end. Here’s to labor pains because I’m gonna give birth to a novel, my novel, #SOON.

You don’t call your work, “work.”

I am learning a lot of things from work. There are too many inspiring people and advocacy all around me that I can’t help but to thank God for every opportunity He’s giving me to dive into this spiral of Awesomeness. I love it. He knows the perfect timing and the perfect venue to show a stubborn kid like me that He is God and that His plans are always always perfect! I can and will elaborate on this matter next time ;)

My boss let me accompany him to our seminar with my home court, I mean my alma mater (PUP), last week. I was encouraged when he said this towards the end of the workshop:

If you’ll call your work, “work,” then its really gonna be work. You’ve got to love what you do: do your passion, know your purpose and plan your way to get wherever that passion and purpose is. You don’t get successful overnight, success is a journey.

He knows the virtue of walking your way to success. And yes, it don’t happen in a blink of an eye.


Sorry, Khay. (this deserves another post)

My best friend, Khay, got this tampo at me — and a major tampo at that. I was just busy lately and I hope you know that I love love love you, my dear. And nothing will ever change that. I’m sorry if I’m a pain in the neck, sometimes. Or, most times. I’ll make it up to you. I don’t promise not to hurt you, because that’s my nature even when I don’t intend to. I’ll see you soon.


Nine days til Christmas!

Let’s spend this few days of 2013 worthwhile! Tis the season to be jolly! Fill your heart with love and learn to give all that love away. Cheers, everyone!


You shouldn’t miss Frozen!!!

Because Love is something worth melting for..

If you haven’t watch this movie, do yourself a favor and go to theaters near you! I promise, you’ll love Olaf and Kristoff and Anna and Sven and Elsa and everyone! :) this movie is just an ultimate feel-good movie! It caps on the top 5 of my favorite animated movies of all time!!!

Hungry to be Better

If there’s one thing that I would really want to be good at, but unfortunately I’m not that capable of yet (haha because I still hope I will be, one day), is to be a person with an overflow of creativity – thoughts and actions. I wanted to belong to the We are the Creative People Department in this lifetime, those people who breathe the arts: designers, painters, composers, writers, teachers, film enthusiasts, social workers, etc. I wanted to imbibe the word “creative” so much because I believe it means that you are placed in this earth with a sole purpose: to Create. And that is such a very wonderful privilege.

I know I have the skill with the kind of art I wanted to be involved in – I can draw; I can paint; I can write poems, poetry, essays and lyrics to songs. I can do all these things. What I can’t do, most times, is to imagine my own art.

I can draw and paint anything just as long as I have a picture where I can copy it from. But if I don’t have any visuals, my drawings or paintings will always end up abstract. Writing, on the other, is something I pursued because I felt the need of having to deliver it in my life. When I was in College, that’s when I made up my mind and told myself: Yes, I want to write. I want to be heard. I want my words to be a hand and reach out to someone’s soul (even, just one soul). I want to make this choice.

I tried my hardest writing. I literally jump off the cliff of not knowing where to start, what to say and how to say things. But over time, I learned. Writing became a friend who confides with every single doubt, worry, hope and freedom that bugs my mind on days when I forgot that I can make a difference. Writing was there, through and through. Most – if not all – things that I write, though, are stories that I experienced with real people in real situations in my very own life. I can make those into poems, lyrics of a song, essay or just plain prose. I am a non-fiction writer – the only things I can write down is my own: how I felt touching every rough crater of this world with my own hands.

Those were the best arts I can offer: abstract and experiences. Both are messy, but I believe, both of them are all sorts of beautiful. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how far my Creative go.

November is just around the corner, and when this month comes, expect the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) season again! And that means, anyone who will participate in it will be writing and finishing a novel by the end of November. And by novel, they mean fiction. Everyone is invited to make their own stories and just keep bleeding words into that novel: keep writing. And while this seems a huge challenge for me because (1) I don’t do fictions; (2) I don’t have a planned story yet and I only got less than three days left to conceptualize; and (3) we only got one month to finish… I think this will be a good way to stretch my mind and learn, ergo, I decided to…. *drumroll* …participate in this year’s NaNoWriMo!

I may have not been given an overflow of imagination to make hundreds of novels, but, I know in my heart that I had been blessed with persistence and boldness to venture out on new things that would make me feel alive.

I want to be a good writer one day. I am so hungry to be better. (Hannah Brencher)

And I am making this choice. Again.