To Wait in Vain

Yesterday was the day we’re ought to be done; today was the day we’re supposed to be resting. All the many things we have for-planned were now gone in shambles. What do you do when God allow these things to happen? When He shows you that it won’t be that way—the way you have thought it to be—it was never like that ever since day one? Who are we to mess our plans with God in the first place? One should learn to accept the way things are, the way life can twist and have sudden turns. Clean slates are once again offered—new mood board for new plans is lowered down on discount prices. We’re gonna be staying a little-too-long in the Supermarket.

It has been a long day. Every group was trying to do their efforts for their assigned tasks. The Pack (us, the Interns) is having few breaks once in a while to let a breathe-in and breathe-out exercise for our congested brain juices. Once the clock strikes six in the evening, we know what that means: prepare to go home. This day, though, it seemed different. Jessica, Jandi and Jake decided to use the company’s benefits for printing their study-needs for them to proceed to their next levels on interpretation. And so, as good friends, Me, Mayu and Shiela agreed to wait for them. Downstairs is where we’re waiting, an hour passed by, no trace of them yet. Another hour is peeking; even the smell of their afternoon breath is nowhere to be found. With patience hanging a little loose, we chose to visit them upstairs to see if everything’s okay. They’re just printing, for goodness’ sake, how long can that take?

Once we’re at the workplace again, then, we knew the hardships they’re currently battling with the computers of the office. Not one of it was kind to let them use it and print their works. It was a funny patience-killing moments of our lives. And so, from the time that they got it all working together and we’re just doing another round of waiting, we toured at Madame Melba’s sanctuary. It was way too cool at her place; it has a mini library, lounge and other quite cute stuffs. We all never missed the chance to take photos of this eye-warming abode. It was really cool, I tell you.

After all the wait was over, finally, home is where we are headed next. Another week has gone by. Time flies so quickly. Reduce your speed and take your sips of coffee, sit down to look around on the wonders of the world.

Last Day Not

According to the work plan that we have provided our Trainers before, we should be done with all our studies by now. Or so we did not think nor did they expect. Where are all my coherence has gone again? Tell me.

I went on a half day today to accompany Mayu, who is my thesis mate and team mate for Audience Research, to fix something for our thesis. We arrived at the office nearly a quarter before one in the afternoon. Our thesis is paving its way for one big hump on the back ride of our pressured Hummer rides. It is so frustrating how everything just mumbled it-selves up to give us a headache for managing poor time schedules. It’s all back-firing to us now. Ha!

Our Internship days will be extended, not of our own will, but of our own works. I mean, if we could have started everything in a smooth-fast-lane; maybe, we’re done by now. Instead, we let ourselves to lax out everything to the max and cram on the last two minutes after realizing that we can’t beat the buzzer. Oh wow. How long are we going to be like this? Will we finish everything on the next time that will be given?

The finger is pointed at the mirror on who to blame. Dang!

Encode and Decode

Have you ever been stuck in reverse? Like, you know where to go to and yet you’re headed the wrong way? What can I say? It seems like we’re in this situation of our Data Analysis-slash-Interpretation for almost three weeks now and we’re not done yet. Sometimes I wish we’re just lost; it ain’t the situation though. We know where to go, however, most of our times; we dedicate them on swerving and taking U-turns. And look where we are now? Letting the proverb the road less traveled is less traveled for a reason into the milky ways of our galaxies.

This day, I’m trying the best I can to reciprocate unmanaged time with planned activities. I decided to finish the analysis so we can well proceed to our next level of interpretation. I was never good at hardcore thinking—it was never my forte. Actually, it was never my forte to think of anything at all. Kidd. Ha ha. Nonetheless, one has to double his efforts up and learn how to do the things he isn’t used on doing just to yield the outcome he would’ve always wanted. No more confusion, only action.

And so, at the end of the day, I was able to finish the analysis. Encoded it and asked my team mate to check all the portions necessary to be changed, improved or disregarded. She agreed to—for we need team effort here.

How can we finish everything with a blink? Tomorrow is another wink. Cheers!

Pretzels Are Heart

We went on a half day today to get some school requirements. We arrived at the office around 12:30ish in the afternoon.

There were still a lot of things to do with so little time left. Team Impact Evaluation (Jek and Mari) were busy with their matrices; Team Culture (Shels and Jandi) were discussing their transcription problems; and, Team Audience Research (Me and Mayu) were analyzing and interpreting our data in the best way that we can. All is waaaaaaaaay behind the deadline. We’re a dead meat! Hakuna Matata, we’re just gonna extend.

Our Trainers, being the supportive people that they are, delivers something for us to eat later in the afternoon: chocolate-filled pretzels! Yay! Easier way to cope up with stress is to indulge in choco sweetness!

Next week should be something productive. Hopes high. Energy recharged. Weekend, here we come!

Double the Trouble

The day at the office just went by not knowing we’re on for a big surprise. We’re busy doing our own stuffs when someone knocked at the door.

Guess who?

It was Sir Rei, and a special guest—

*drum rolls*

Mr. Edward Brown himself in flesh. Ding ding ding!!! Sir Rei is touring Mr. Ed in the Noisy-ISACC-room (where the Interns are staying); we are also introduced with the man behind the Our Father’s World. He looked at us with familiarity. He remembers the faces of those who spilled coffee in his books. Not. He doesn’t even know that that ever occurred. He knows we helped in selling his books way back yesterday at the Seminar.

Sir Rei then asked us to go upstairs so we can get our own Ice Creams. When opportunity knock, what do we do? Grab it. Grab it as tight as we can! We didn’t think twice about the offer, we obeyed the order as soon as it was given. Man, it’s for the cold-cravings of our entire being at stake there. Ha ha!

Meet and greet an author. Check.

Ice Cream waiting for grabs, here we come.

So we went up to the third floor main office. Just when we thought meeting one author is enough, we’re so wrong. At the time we went in the Silent Room, Kabam! The one and only, Madame Melba–the ISACC President, who’s also a book-writer was there! What do we do? What do we do? Before we knew it, she is commanding us to eat our Ice Creams over the counter. If every bosses in the world will be like that, employees’ tummies will be happy. :) Ha ha!

Meet and greet the ISACC President. Surprising but fun. Check.

We ate a lot. Took pictures, shared funny thoughts with Mr. Ed and had the Day of our lives. Oh yes, it certainly is. Cheers!!

Good Heavens!

We were asked to attend the Care of Creation Seminar at BM07 of the Greenhills Christian Fellowship (GCF) today. It’s one of the Center for Market Training(s) again. This time, though, the participants included a group of Korean people; there were Teachers, Environmentalists and so forth who were also there. I have a feeling that these were the same people who belong in ISIP-ISAK. But then again, this is just me.

Us, Interns were seated at the back-most part of the room. We’re assigned to sell the books written by authors Edward Brown and our very own, Madame Melba Maggay. When we saw the prices of those, we’re (or I was) like Wow. Is there a gold page in those? It costs 400-500php. Again, wow.

Lo and behold, at our break time–when we got all the cookies and coffees at our table–guess what happened? Miss Shane assigned Mayu to take care of the video-cording of the seminar. And so, she struggled her way out, bump here and there resulting to…..Coffee Spilling!!! And oh my, there were two 400php and one 500php books that were stained! S-T-A-I-N-E-D! 500 + 400 + 400 = 1 300php all in all! Where are we gonna get that? Gawd.

We’re so good, we come clean with our Trainers. They said, we just need to let it go, be quiet and hope that the books will be purchased soon enough. Obedient kids we are, we acted like nothing happened. Ha ha!

On to the seminar. Mr. Ed Brown, the author of Our Father’s World (the book we just stained due to our genius acts) was one of the speakers. He taught of taking care of the environment with a pinch of biblical perspective on it since he’s a Pastor at their church as well. From his speak, I learned that we are the change waiting in ourselves. We need to change how we think to save our environment. We should do something about it; be it in a simple or major way. Mr. Ed is really a pocketful of sunshine; very positive, indeed!

Find your way out.

Don’t over-think but don’t let them smell the coffee-stink! Care for the environment, buy coffee-stained books. They’re really fashionable, I’m telling you! Ha ha! Laugh and shed tender love and care for Mother Earth given by the Father-up-above! Woot woot!

Vox Populi

Three interviewers. One aim.

Indefinite number of students. One answer.

One school. One purpose.

Lezz do this!!

We chose the students from Grades Four to Six of the Jose Rizal University to be our participant for the Voice of the People in relation to the EDSA celebration. We lobby-ed outside the campus to get some random ideas from some random student. Out of the ten we interviewed, there were only four who answered clearly, with full-thought and conviction.

We got some pretty hard time eliciting responses for the kids were a bit shy. Okay, fine. They were major shy babies. Ha ha! It’s quite a hard question to answer for these little brats. I mean, they don’t understand it yet. So, lets (or I) forgive them for that.

Now, let the adult  in the house answer (and oh, it’s me).

Do you believe on what Ninoy said that “The Filipino people is worth dying for”? Why?

Yes, I do believe that the Filipinos are worth-dying for. Why? If dying for them and doing those little sacrifices would make them feel that they’re loved, that they can do something for the country and that there’s still hope, why not? They’re worthy for it because I am a Filipino, and they’re too. What is loving your own brother? :) Even the adult here doesn’t make sense.

All I know is, there’s this One Man who thought that everyone is worth-dying for. And that, that is the ultimate act of love we have ever received. Oh yes!!