Finally, I got to the point of Loving IT!

Today, the most amazing-est thing happened in my line of work.

Way back the month of June, I was accepted to be a part of the team of Christian Convergence for Good Governance CCGG and was given the position to be the Program Officer of Communications, Research and Publications. CCGG is a coalition of faith-based organizations committed to advocate, equip and mobilize for good governance and nation-building (cheating on the organization’s profile here); NGOs are known for conducting various seminars, trainings and other things that equates to learning. Basically, my job description are: to research and write out for the kits that will be used for those trainings and the advocacy of our organization; to coordinate with the layout artist and other people who are involved in printing out those materials; to be involved in brain-stormings and planning for the trainings; and ,to be well-informed of the current happenings on the government sort of like government-watching as I call it. With all these in mind, an ordinary individual can do the equation that it’s all about promoting good governance and fighting corruption—very much politics. Get this: I NEVER liked Politics or government issues or anything related to that. It’s just very hard for me eye sore actually. And so I have indeed a difficult time understanding my purpose on why am I in my organization and so forth…until recently.

My Boss exposed me on different board meetings and tasked me to take down important details of the meeting or what they call the Minutes. Before, I never understood that term because I’m never used to it. How pathetic little College Grad student, even High School students know that. But hey, I know it now! I deserve a Yay! Going back, that time gave me insights on how this organization where I belong works—what they do. Little by little (in short after two months) I now get a feel of how it is supposed to be. In addition, their advocacy on fighting corruption touched my inner core and I was like Aaah, that’s sweet. To raise awareness on the corruption that’s happening in the country, they it’s now safe to say, we target the youth (this will be worked on campuses); NGOs and churches (primarily, evangelical churches).

The luxury of staff is what we don’t have, thus, we’re one Program Officer for Trainings and Seminars short. What do we do now? Since there are no budget for the Program Officer for Training yet, I’m assigned to fulfill its duties too—that includes facilitating seminars and a whole lot of time talking to people; doing follow-ups one after the other. I’m really scared facing strangers because my mom told me before to don’t talk to strangers and I process people before I open up myself to them. And so, facilitating is a challenge for me. Although, I always wanted to do that: to help other people and then inspire them in the process. Congratulations, dream come true! Ha! Training schedules start on September and counting now, it’s one week left. I’m gonna need some prayers on these please. ;)

Our organization is coming up with a new project too—publishing a book where people from different walks of life had their fair share of them saying no to corruption. Yesterday, my Boss appointed me to interview people to whom we might actually get good stories for the book we’re about to publish. I got the chance to start my day one on the interview part earlier. And oh my, I’ve seen a lot of hearts and hopes in their stories. It inspired me as a person. It inspired me as a Filipino. I can’t explain the whole scenario of the interview part yet but one thing’s for sure, the experience of doing the interview made me love my work even more and appreciate the very simplest thing of it: making the Filipinos aware of the reality of corruption (that even ordinary people are capable of) and what they can do to stop it. I have a lot of interview schedules dated ahead of me and even if it means I won’t be celebrating the weekend extensions on Monday and Tuesday I’m truly excited of the things I’m about to learn.

I’m thankful for this kind of job (which I doubted at first) God has given me. This is where He placed me and I know that I had to fulfill my purpose in here (it’s the other way around, though. I’m the one who’s being fulfilled from this service). Since my officemates are Christians too, they also even without them knowing inspires me about life and other things. And so, yes. This stage of my career life is just AWEZMN! To God be the glory in everything we do. :)