Live High

Lately, things keep blowing in front of our face. Reality is stinging every corner of our minds. We thought we know how the world works like the back of our hands, but, do we really?

Everything is fast-phased. It’s like we’re all in a bullet train. All we know is evolving in a snap — technology, communication, relationships, culture, faith. How do we define choices? What constitutes our beliefs? What do freedom and equality really mean? Why are we keep on accepting the behavior that this world keeps on imposing unto us? Is it absolutely okay to tolerate ideologies just so we can say we are accommodating to everyone’s perspectives? Who’s to say who’s right and who’s wrong? Why are there so many questions and why can’t we find an answer?

There’s something wrong in our world today; there’s something terribly wrong that’s happening. And I cannot, for the life of me, understand how will I properly respond to this. I never wanted to cast judgment on the way people deal with their life choices because I am never worthy to do so; I am a messed-up person myself. But it seems like this world is telling us that everything is okay as long as you’re happy and you’re true to yourself. What kinds of standard are we living in today? It pains me to see the picture that we are all living for the sake of ourselves — for our own rights, for our own happiness. We are nearly living in a Love-Only-Yourself kind of World, a Selfie (selfish) Generation. It’s all about us now, isn’t it — what we want, we should get.


Is that all there is to live? For people to know how great we are? How amazing our talents are and the things we do? How we can bend the rules and break them just for us to do the things we want to do?

Really? That’s life? That’s what we call living to the fullest?

NO. There’s more to life than just us. There’s more to life than all these — pleasures of the world we believe we must possess.

I want you to know that Happiness is different from Joy. Doing what we are ought to do will always be worthy than doing what we want to do. And that our choice is always important. Please don’t be deceived that you don’t have any control as to what and how you are going to feel; it’s not true. Saying that you don’t have a choice is like you not owning up to any consequences of your actions. Be man enough! Stand by your choices! I can only hope that you are choosing the right ones. But if you find yourself stuck in a mistake, you can always get out. Please choose to get out.

This world is ever-changing. This world could easily die to the standards that we people regard as virtue back then. But that doesn’t mean we should die with the world. We believe in God, right? He gave us an example to follow. And yet the freedom to choose what we do with our lives is in our hands.

Live high. Live mighty. Live righteously.


Everything On A Waffle

I can’t believe I’m finally able to write this. I’ve been waiting for months!

Remember when I told you reading + writing weren’t my first loves, but because of influence, I tried my hardest to get involve in those cycles? I would be forever thankful for my college peeps for that tremendous influence they impressed on me. Unsolicited advice for freshies: be discerning in choosing waves to follow. :)

Up to this day, the smell of old books (or all books in general) at thrift stores or at well-known bookstores is a fragrant deal for me. And whenever I visit them (especially secondhand-book-stores) I always end up going out with one or two books already at hand. It’s funny because it’s like I’m a book-collector since not all of ’em books which I bought before I was able to finish up to today. Just the same, I end up buying another set of books when placed inside a bookstore.

Anyhoooz, that’s my quite long intro for the book I’ve read (finally, after a year and a half of it staying in the shelf) last February. It is a book written by Polly Horvath and is entitled Everything On A Waffle.

I’ve wanted to make a sort-of-in-a-way-kinda-like mini review on it. Well, not totally the review “review” as in intense, no. I’m just gonna share how the story was able to connect to me, or was it really able to, and things like that. So yeah, with not much tattling, I should start. Haha!



Haven’t you ever just known something deep in your heart without a reason? That’s the question the book posted. I think Polly wrote something here about hope and faith and life that even a child can understand. It’s something deep especially on the perspective of the main child character–Primrose Squarp.

So, have I ever, like Prim, known something deep inside my heart without a reason? What Prim encountered is the lost of her parents after the storm. It’s too much for a child, but she believed in her heart that they’re just there somewhere in the sea. While others believed that they’re gone and are not coming back, the faith of this little child is so big that it surpasses all their doubts. She went from the custody of Miss Perfidy to his uncle to an old couple, made friends with a dog and Miss Bowzer of The Girl in the Red Swing whose dishes are all served with a waffle, lost not only her parents but a baby toe and a part of her index finger as well. She’s been through a lot; faith and hope was her only weapon to battle through. It was inspiring because grown-ups tend to let things slide sometimes, not like kids. Grown-ups tend to stick with what they know is true but kids they can believe on something else, something beyond what’s true. Kids are genuinely sincere on what they believed in and for Prim, her truth is that her parents are still alive and they’ll be able to get back soon. It was that truth in her heart she carried all along.

I don’t know but I think Hope is what will make you believe something you can’t even explain. It’s the same as faith. It’s the same as love. It needs no reason. I know we all have that Prim-like or child-like faith, we use that everyday when we choose to believe the beauty of each circumstances; the goodness in every person on the road; the humor in whatever situation; the success in failure; the rainbow after the rain. There’s a lot of things like that. However, in today’s world where everything is fast-paced, sometimes we skip on believing and seeing these things happen. We choose to go our own way and do everything in whatever way we possibly can. Nothing wrong with that, but sometimes, we need to stop. We have to admit we need help. We have to look things in another perspective.

There’s a song lyric that goes Life, even when it gets you down, Hope will turn it all around. Life is never easy. It can bombard you with too much problem you think you can’t handle but you can. We have to remember, like Prim did, that everything happens for a reason and you got to believe in Hope even when sometimes they call it radical and unreasonable. Then, maybe, we’ll find what we’re looking for, we’ll receive what we’re praying for, we’ll understand what our journey in this life for; just like how Prim found her parents again. It’s in the journey where we learn most before we proceed to our destination. We might not like the ingredients stuffed in our own waffles and it may take a while before we consider indulging in it, but once we do, once we take that bite, we’ll know it’s good. Life is gonna be good. :)

Here are my favorite lines throughout the book (just because I like quoting it like that).

I am not in the body of life. I hover on the extremities. I float.


I don’t know what you think the story of Jonah is about, Miss Perfidy. But to me, it is about how hopeful the human heart is.


My mother says no one is a pacifist at heart. At heart, we’re all violent raging wolves, but in our actions we can be pacifists.


We all live in a world of seen and unseen.


And then this storm thing came up, so I guess you can’t really protect people anyhow. Or if you protect them from one thing, up and comes another.


You can be sunk low as a skunk and still have a joy in your heart. Joy just lives like one of those gyroscope in your chest. It don’t seem to have any connection to circumstance, good or bad.


Being together, like being able to see certain stars only with your peripheral vision, isn’t something you can create. It’s just something that happens to you.


So, there’s always a bright side.


In the worst of times I find there’s always something useful you can do with your hands.


The only really interesting thing about someone that makes you want to explore them further is their heart, and if someone has a teeny tiny pea-sized one, it takes you nowhere to go.

-Miss Bowzer

Things that you find out become the places that you go; and sometimes, you find them out by being jettisoned off alone, and the other times it is the people who choose to stand by your side who give you the clues. But the important things that happen to you will happen to you even in the smallest places.