Seek and Find

When I promised to be back on hardcore blogging this March, I kinda did otherwise. Well, for my regular readers–fore mostly, my bestfriend or my buddy (although I’m not pretty sure about this one)–I apologize for late updates on posting. This is me, acting like I got real readers here, YET AGAIN. Why? It’s fun that way! :)

So yeah, how have you been?

As for me, one of the reasons I’ve been out from blogging was because of my mom who happens to enjoy Viktor (my iPod) and the Blitz game which makes harder for me to mobile-blog na lang undisciplined time for things I need to do, to prioritize and to finish. The same struggle I’ve been facing before; just look at my posts down past this article.

I can’t really write when my soul is not in line with my mind which could translate in abandoning some of the things I do which requires emotion. And yes, writing-slash-blogging is a part of it for the reason that when I do write, I write as me–no facade, no disguise. Although photoblogging is a different thing, hence, my Tumblr is super up and kicking happy bones. :) I kinda left my sketching-slash-doodling for a while also because I drained my unipin pen, the one I’m using for sketchi of my instability.

And all these instabilities, emptiness, confusions, depressions and frustrations will have their farewell party tonight for by the grace and power of my good Lord, my strength will be renewed! I need to do what Paul did; I need to buffet my body starting tomorrow so that the things I should do I will do and the things I shouldn’t be doing I’d stop doing so. I declare guidance, discipline and focus as I put my head on this journey. I’ll be needing you too, a lot of prayers from you will be of big help, so I need them again, okay?

Somebody once said, for an action to become a habit, you have to do it everyday for the next twenty-one days. However, to be able to arrive at a certain action, you need to renew your mind. By renewing your mind, it means you have to break from everything you habitually thought of doing; you need to reconstruct. I need to reconstruct.

By the end of the twenty-one days, my objectives are the following:

  • To do quiet time (QT) everyday at dawn.
  • To meditate on what I’ve learned from QT before going to bed.
  • Finish all my pending tasks–whether at work or at home or for myself.
  • Go to bed early and wake-up early.
  • Exercise and eat right (meaning, consuming right amount of food only)–this one’s kinda hard ah!
  • To get an accountability partner who would monitor me.
  • Complete attending Global Leadership Center (GLC) Level 1
  • Find new D-Group (that’s because my group from the old one went out of the country and I’m too young to belong to their group; so now, I need to find one that would suit me)
  • Give excellence at work
  • Revive the simplest, but fun, things I enjoy doing (writing poems, learning the guitars, finding something recreational stuff to do, doing doodles, people-watching, blog-stalking, etc)

Ain’t I too ambitious to list all these things? I think not. Nothing is impossible with the Big Guy plus hard work on my part. That’s why I need prayers, and you dear reader ought to give me some, okay? :) I pledge also to post updates on the blog regarding my quest for the best at least twice a week. :)

With this, I offer you my March Moodboard: Seek and Find.

For those who seek the Lord will not lack any good thing in their lives. Let’s focus our eyes on the real price and be mesmerized on the miracle that He will do in and through us. Cheers! :)