Out from the Overflow

On September, you wrote a letter
Something about Love and Distance; your favorite line from a song
I’ve searched what I wrote mine on that same month
The closest date next to yours
But I can’t find it anymore

If those letters were for me
I’ll thank the mailman for tracking me down at the old street of a fifteen year old house
If those letters were for me
The same letters you sent last January and two years back
I’d gladly take it to the heart and let it touch the soul
If those letters are letters of Longing that was only denied because of Pride
If those letters were for me
Pain is an easy burden to consider
If those letters were Love letters
Sent to a third space apart from my world and yours
If those letters were for me
Those were the same letters I had been sending you

To say the least, I know to whom I send my letters to
I had always been writing you
I had always been making these sh*tty poems for you
These poems where I’m the only one who’s satisfied with my rhymes
Poems where I repeat every line of my first stanzas
Poems where I can say anything I wanted because I know how you won’t pay attention reading them

You’re not like me
You never intended to send your letters to me
Never was I an inspiration for your prose
‘If’ is just a word I used to show myself under my coat of Hope
To realize that there’s nothing more to hide when you’re in good terms with Metaphor
To reveal every Secret because no one will ever comprehend to learn its implications

On September, you wrote a letter
Something about Love and Distance
Today is my September

Mister Green Eyes

You know I hate it
I hate it when I still feel these feelings for you
I hate it when I still long for something that ain’t coming true
I don’t wanna settle, but I guess I have to

When I dreamt of you misty Sunday morning
It was the joy of your presence that kept me from waking
You got those mystery behind your eyes
A mystery that even I wasn’t able to comprehend to

All I know is what I felt –
The sweetest peck on the cheek and the warmest embrace
A dint of nostalgia on its way out from yesterday
A hunger for those same moments is searching for me at my own race

Seeing you today, though, made me bitterly envious
How I wish I was the one whom you rescued
I always wanted you to be my knight, remember?
I guess it always slipped right out of you

Just for this time, just for once –
I hate it when I just write something for you
When I know you won’t care
I still write how I always fall for you

Promise, this would be the last time that I’ll ever do
Because I hate it.
I hate me.
I hate you.

~I don’t know if this could be considered a poem. I consider this to be a heart – confused, broken (for the nth time), vulnerable. It’s that kind of heart. It’s that but it’s invincible.

P.S. when I wrote this, it’s an impromptu writing; hence, not too much on word play but a show of pure feelings. #SayWhuut

Non Placet of Effervescence

You leave me with the wrong impressions
And I’m not ready for complications
But why can’t I stay away?
Why can’t I just stay away from you?

I’ve barricaded my heart, braced myself
Never again am I letting anyone in
But how come with just one smile
You sent the locks flying away?

I’m here in my corner, clutching a book
At peace with myself, heart’s tucked safe
Then you just had to happened, don’t you?
You sent a raging storm that disrupted my universe

I know I’m still denying it, but I have to
I’m never gonna admit your effect on me
No one’s ever gonna know what you do
To my heart every time we meet

In a month or two, this turmoil will be gone
Your charisma will wear off, and I’m gonna be fine
Back to the same old, same old
Not too colorful but it’s my comfort zone

Unless I can be sure that you’re gonna catch me
There’s no way that I am letting myself fall
I know it’s better this way, I’m sure of this
My peaceful universe is all I will ever gonna need

~This is written by Marichelle Boiles; she allowed me to publish this since she’s never gonna publish it on her blog – like she’s never gonna ever admit her feelings for a possible true love. This is her, writing her heart out for the PTM guy (I forgot what PTM means). She’s a super writer, see?

P.S.: it’s I who gave the title. Whatcha think? Did I get it right? :)

The Downpour Of

The rain always reminds me of unspoken sorrow —
Of hearts longing to be heard;
Of chances never to be taken;
Of promises ought not to be broken.

But the rain is also an immutable triumph —
Of forgiveness that is bound to happen;
Of faith unveiling the beauty of tears;
Of hope extremely marvelous and steadfast.

It’s the scent of the drizzle over the window pane —
The longhand letters and the wonderful maze;
The people who believed and those who eagerly resist;
The memories, those memories, of once requited love.

It’s those poignant moments and bargained ventures – a liberating aftermath.
It’s the rain, it’s this rain, and how I always remember what I had never forgotten: you.

~I started drafting this poem Saturday when the rain started to poured out so hard it felt like there’s a waterfalls falling from the heavens. I finished writing midnight of Tuesday when all those feelings came back all at once. I grappled on them so tight, I don’t want them to hang loose. And there, I thought, this could be a poem. :)

Hey Dad

Maybe for now I don’t understand
Maybe later, it’s still gonna be so hard

My heartaches, sorrows and dreams
The laughter, the smiles, the tears
You hold and keep them
You gave me time to heal
When You only ask for faith,
You know I can’t and I need Your grace

In the end of it all,
I only would want to bring the smile You put on my face
Your love is enough until the end of age

Ten O’Clock

It’s like I can love you forever and it’s never gonna end
It’s like I can stay here beside you even if you just call me friend
I can write you a poem even as I’m walking in the street
Or stay dreaming in my bed
The thought of you is just mind-blowing; an art well-created

The rays of the sun under the shade of the trees
The cool wind or warm breeze
The sunset would be lovely if you’re with me
While dancing with our feet in the sand of the sea

Will you laugh with me when I can’t drop my punch lines?
Will you hold my hand and wish on a falling star in the midnight?
Is it too late for imagination, or a fairy tale, at least?
Is it too late for you, for me, or for us? Is it too late for this?

It’s like I can love you and stay beside you forever
It’s like you just left me but there’s a fight I can’t surrender

~wrote this while I’m headed home last September. My dear friend Myla, asked (we’re texting, you see) me to sing out some songs and I gave her a phrase I thought of and saved on my phone the last time. Then momentum came in and the rest was history. She’s gonna put a rhythm to this I-dunno-what-sense-you-can-get lyrics in I-dunno-when. HAHA.

We are some crazy vixens who writes out inappropriate feelings for the moonlight breeze and the stars to hear. You bet? Cheers!

Raising White Flag

I never knew if you have figured me out
I was affright to ask
I always wanted to tell you how you make me feel
You didn’t get my words, though
But yours was clear

I hoped for luck that I could never get
I bargained for destiny way out of my league
My mind told me to stop
I guess, my heart was numb to even listen
Silently wishing for Mr. Chances to favor my side

Then fate had to perform its duties one day
I felt as if it’s a bit cruel on me doing such
When it caught me off guard to know
That you found your shooting star
The kind, you said, you’ll never let go of

And all the magic ended
All the sparks flew away
It’s like going three phases back
Where our books are sealed
On a Chapter called Wishful-thinking and Possibilities

~finally I wrote a poem again but this one’s not kinda good. I guess, when I’m on my down-point I can’t really write good materials. Nevertheless, I’ll settle for this now. And oh yes, I need some practicing on my poem writing again.

It’s coming to an end. No more chasing pavements. Okay, so this is the point where everybody should surrender their own battles. :)