The Insides: Dissected

Ever since I was a young blogger, I had always dreamed of the what’s-inside-my-bag post! HAHA! Sobrang jologs pero yes. I shall make that dream into reality now. I was supposed to create the post months ago but I was busy then, anyways. Are you ready? #game


I bought this bag more than a year ago at Egg. Pre-buying this, I am always on a backpack moment which I really enjoyed since I have all of my things inside it (minsan kahit I wear super formal, I’m on backpack lol). But, dalaga stage comes once in your life and you got to surrender to what it needed you to do, fashion-wise. HAHAjk!

I liked this bag since it has compartments and bigger space than an ordinary bag which can accommodate the laptop that I bring to the office everyday. Since I got (almost) everything inside my bag, it’s always heavy: two to four kilos heavy estimate. When people try to bring my bag for me, they always complain about how heavy it is or what do I have inside it that makes it weigh like that. I am here to assure you, I bring no hollow blocks or any form of bakal inside. Haha!

My bag is such a mess. Here you go, judge yourself.

Up first, the essentials.

090This wallet was a keepsake from my Japanese cousin back in March when they came to visit Philippines. They knew that my mother and I are collecting Stitch items and so they gave us wallets – STITCH wallets!! My mother got the brown one and I got this white one. This has fewer compartments than the Coach wallet I’m using before. BUT Stitch is Stitch and I love love love this wallet! Ain’t it so cute???

097Aside from a wallet, I always have a coin purse since I am not a fan of taking out your whole wallet just to get your fare money to pay the jeep. :) this one is a gift from my DGroupmate Nayra (yay)!

094I don’t have a lot of keys. I only got three for the Office and two for our House. Oh, say hello to another Stitch right there! :D


My umbrella is in fuchsia (not my favorite color). I never intended to buy it last March but when the rain threaten to soak you wet, you don’t have much of a choice, right? I just bought this at 7-eleven for P180! So far, it survived for more than three months now.

096Philippine weather is in transition from summer to rainy months; therefore, it’s also important to protect your eyes when Mister Sun shines so bright after an hour of heavy rain. It can happen! In our country, it is possible! Better prepared than sorry. Lol.

When I bought this pair at F21, it doesn’t include a case with it. The solution? Improvise an old Artwork paper bag into an eyeglass holder (haha)! But I’m planning to buy a decent pouch for this one, it’s very vulnerable in its paper holder. Lol.

092These are some “admin” things that I bring with me every time since we don’t go to the office frequently anymore. I need to have it with me because it helps calm my nerves when I needed something for work but I won’t go to the office; it’s always nice to know that it’s just inside your bag. Haha! Babaw.

I also got my Cattleya Steno notebook so I can jot down important details for work; 2013 Planner so I’m not lost with our office schedules on trainings, workshops, etc etc; book (when I took this photo I’m finishing Joshua Harris’ I Kissed Dating Goodbye, I wrote about it here) which I love to read while traveling to and fro office or field.


091I always bring my laptop with me and I think it is the major reason why I have a heavy bag. Lol.

I got two pouches and a pencil case. The pink pouch is dedicated for everything kikay although I’m not really the type who makes sure she looks fresh every single time. Most, if not all, girly items are gifted so I just always have it inside my pink pouch. We may never know the right time to use these weapons, right? Hehe. The black pouch is intended for everything wire-y. Lol. The pencil case, well, you know what’s inside a pencil case right? Yeah, I have there pens, pencil/eraser, paste (this is useful haha), USB and paper clips!

That’s all! That’s all I have inside my bag. And sometimes I still wonder if all those things really weigh that much. Haha! Share your bag on the table, what’s inside yours? :)