Wait For A Man

That will put in the time, heart and effort to pursue you. None of this whole chasing-around-boys-who-don’t-really-like-us-and-pine-when-they-reject-us business.

Wait for God to set you up with one who will put in time to win your heart. How can He do that if you’re throwing it at Him?

Be secure enough in yourself and your Father that you don’t need to throw your heart around and give it away to any man who winks his eye at you. Be a woman, secure in God, deadly to the devil, feminine in strength, purity and tenderness. Give your man a chance to be a man.

Let the boys who blow you off and expect you to let them walk all over you or just plain won’t put in effort to get to know you at all go. Let them go, and position yourself as a woman satisfied in herself and her life.

Give yourself to the all-knowing God, give yourself to loving others, and your man will come alongside you. You will never have to strive to make him like you, to make him talk to you. He will be already a man in pursuit of your heart without your help.


Although I just recently pass through the Teen Years, I still feel that I belong to that same age group. Well, twentyteen is not too far an age, right? :P But seriously, I admit that I haven’t reached maturity yet–in thinking, speaking, acting and even dressing up.

I’m still a big fan of Miley (even when she changed her image); my ultimate favorite movie is still A Cinderella Story; I don’t have a nose for classic literatures yet, instead, I’m addicted to chic-flicks; I still wanted “wished” for people to somehow notice me all the time; most times, I don’t walk my talk; I still wanna look good in front of others; and I still think that when a guy smiles at me or talks to me nicely that he just might be the one for me (I can go weirder than that).

Do you ever or do you still have those problems too? Or is it just me all along? Ha! Unfair. Real maturity depends on how one define maturity for themselves. But when it comes to boys—sometimes it’s a whole different story altogether.

You know, I’ve never been in any relationships EVER. Ergo, I don’t really know what is going on there. However, I’ve always been waiting…waiting…waiting…and waiting…waiting patiently for someone who would be willing to go in that journey with me. I’ve always known the virtue of waiting–the best is yet to come. For single ladies like me, though, it seems like the best is stuck in a gigantic maze somewhere which makes it harder for them to find us. Thus, makes the waiting all the more challenging for us to do.

It’s easy to give in, the world is generous and will give you a handful of choices. But you see, the world only offers good and better, there’s only One who could give you the best in life. He wanted to give us the best and we ought to wait for it expectantly, not losing heart. We don’t need to give in and lower our standards and our quest for something perfect. Believe that the perfect (one who would really suit you) will come. Believe it and it will.

Ladies, we are God’s princesses. What does princesses deserve? Princes, right? Somebody once said, carry yourself like a queen and you’ll attract a king. A queen will never settle for anything less than the best; she knows what she deserves. Same thing for us. Never lower your expectations with the guys. Never compromise your standards. Life would be sweeter if your prince will go a long way–thorns, bush and all–to find you in the arms of your Father. Then, isn’t it a life worth having? Isn’t it a man worth waiting for?