Twenty Seconds of Insane Courage

Life is all about surprises.

One day, you’ll be out going to your very first school day as a four year old in Nursery class. You’ll feel terrified as you hoped that your mom didn’t have to leave you there alone. And so, at a young age, you choose to stand and participate – together with the other kids – as you try to understand each new lesson. At a young age, this world is asking you to be brave.

Since school took most part in your growing up years, you know that acting the way you did in Grade School won’t get too much appreciated in High School. You got to make decisions on what to do when a member of your group didn’t show up at the day you are assigned to report something about History. You got to face new classmates who, sometimes, don’t care of what you feel just as long as they can make fun out of your expense. You got to be exposed in digging your thoughts deeper as you know you got to suggest something for a Science project. You invest in friendships that you didn’t know will last even after so many years, close to a decade. You know life a little better now, you know you had to be independent and make sound choices, you know you have to be brave.

College came and it’s a much different atmosphere. You are free to do what you like in the University, there’s a certain degree of freedom. And you are convinced with your entire life that this is the most wonderful experience of being in an academe. You choose who you are here and what you wanna be. You got to join new cliques and enjoy the time of being together in the afternoons when the professor didn’t arrive for the last session of your Tuesday class. There will be times that your principles and standards will be tested, there will be times that you’ll get disappointed by the decisions you’ve made. You struggle so hard not to make any mistakes, which in the end, you’ll come to realize that those mistakes were necessary. To sum up this stage of your life, and what you have done in between them, it goes to show that you chose to be brave.

You know you got this certain braveness in your heart after everything you had been through your teenage years, you know you could have anything under control, you truly believe so until the Real World came throwing real problems to your face and you got nowhere to go.

Then, it suddenly happened, Fear came in insurmountable amounts that your Brave can’t hold it. You struggle for air, you can’t breathe, you just can’t calm yourself down. And then Life crushed your spirit, you feel lost in a world you thought you’ve known all your life, you just float in a limbo – confused, dishearten, bewildered. You became afraid of failure, you don’t want to commit mistakes anymore, you shield your way in the opportunities that come along, you just want to be in your comfort zone.

I know how hard it is to live this life keeping your cool. And it will always always be threatening to venture out on new things you don’t know doing. But I’ve come to understand that you don’t grow up when you don’t learn; most of life’s lessons are learned best when you fail. It takes courage that in the midst of failure, you’ve got a heart that just wanna keep on moving forward, a heart that just wanna keep on trying.

For the past six months, I’ve been trying my best to live my life, I am trying to be more brave and open to what it will offer along the way and as to what I want to get to experience doing myself. It’s never easy, but I figured, that I don’t want fear to take hold of me from doing things that I know will help me flourish as a person. What got me along is this twenty seconds of insane courage I learned from Mr. Benjamin Mee of We Bought a Zoo (I wrote about that movie here).

Twenty seconds of insane courage is basically courage with some urgency. I mean, you don’t linger too much if you’re gonna do this and that and think of everything that could happen and those that could not. Sometimes, you take too much time until Fear walks in and just shut down your fuse, shut down your light.

When you know you got to do something…

-a dramatic eight inches haircut
-joining a free camp where you can hone your new found love in some sport
-telling your boss your plans in life that might differ from where your organization is leading to now
-going in for a ride which terrifies you in so many ways
-meeting old friends back from Grade School and High School
-chasing your dreams even if it meant being vulnerable to failure… Etc… Etc.

As the old Nike saying goes: just do it.

Do it when you got the courage for the first twenty seconds. Don’t hold back. Let go. Let go of all the worries of mistakes and failure, let go of the control you impose on yourself, let go and just breathe. Believe in Hope that your Brave will help you fly. I know sometimes it gets crazy, but if you could remember the time when you were four, you’ve conquered – you’ve delivered courage. You decided to take a leap of faith at such a young age, you delivered despite the fear, you felt invincible.

You only need twenty seconds of insane courage, a childlike faith, and I promise you something great will come out of it.

Life is full of uncertainties, be brave anyway. (Jeff Goins)

Welcome Brave New Owners

Last Sunday night, after we got home from church, my mother and I watched We Bought a Zoo.


This was a movie recommended by Isabel a few weeks ago as a perfect mother-daughter bonding movie and I say, IT absolutely IS. I recommend this for your whole family to watch together also. It’s very touching. It reminds you of the beauty and goodness of this circus adventure life. :)

Premise (c/o IMDb): [The movie is] set in Southern California, a father moves his young family to the countryside to renovate and re-open a struggling zoo.

Of course, it’s more complicated than that.

Following the death of his wife, Benjamin Mee was left to take care for his two children – Rosie (7) and Dylan (14). As for any single dad, Benjamin is having a hard time dealing with the grief of losing his wife and coming up with certain decisions he should make for his kids and for their future.

In the desire of taking over a new start, he resigned from his job as a newspaper writer and moved his family from the city into a home that doubles to a local zoo. In the end, what he really finds is that the past won’t be held by geography but by memory (Isabel’s words).

Sometimes we try so hard to escape the hurt, the pain and the lost that we had, thinking if we can go somewhere else, do something else, be with someone else then our fears will go away, that our past would somehow be okay. The past will haunt you sooner or later unless you made peace with it. Yes, we don’t and we shouldn’t live in the Past, it’s once was; the Present is now, it’s today. But it doesn’t mean that you have to forget the past completely. We can’t escape it, you know. We have to face it.

True courage doesn’t begin with starting over. It begins with grief, putting the ghosts to bed and then, afterwards, letting love – an entire zoo of it – back in.

-Isabel Garcia

Starting over is accepting what has happened and bringing forth a pocketful of courage for the journey of life where doubt is inevitable. And like Mr. Mee said, all we need is 20 seconds of insane courage before something great could happen to us – maybe our Happy can be loud by then. We got to do it. We got to practice it once in a while.

Favorite lines from the movie:

Whatever is the laziest word in this century. I’m over with whatever.

-Benjamin Mee

Do me a favor? Attempt to start over.


Bad things happen. You just keep going.

I love new. New is the new old.

-Mr. Stevens

Complicated is okay. Complicated can be great. We love complicated, right?

-Benjamin Mee

Sometimes you don’t know what it is until you see what it is.

-Mr. Stevens

Their happy is too loud.

-little Rosie

The secret to talking is listening.


I figured, when you love somebody that much, that hard, that long, you cannot let go of them wherever you go. Because that only happens once in your life.

-Benjamin Mee

Stop moping around, pick up a shovel and dig a hole. Do something.

-Benjamin Mee

Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage – just literally, 20 seconds of insane bravery – and I promise you something great will come of it.

-Benjamin Mee

If you do something for the right reasons, nothing can stop you.


It’s not about where the adventure ends. It’s not about where it starts. It’s what happens in between. That’s the bonus.

-Benjamin Mee

And with all these, I shall give you my über late July Moodboard: Insane Courage. :)



The secret in being courageous is being in the presence of the Big Guy. And you know what, as light and salt of the world, we owe them our courage. :)

Btw, please pray for a quick recovery for the Philippines especially in areas where the heavy rains caused flash floods and landslides and lost – of family members, of houses… And for some, it might be the lost of hope. The weather in our country hasn’t been really good lately. Thank you very much.

For donations…

For my fellow-Pinoys who got affected by flood, I pray for comfort for your families. Makakabangon ang Pilipinas! Courage, my friends, we are all between the paws of the true Aslan. :) let’s hang on together.

And I know, we all missed him… He’s finally here!!!


And I say, it’s (it will be) alright. Too-doo-doo too-doo-doo too-doo. :)