That Groovy Kind of Thing

Earlier this week, I got to watch one of the sweetest proposal made in mankind ever. I can exaggerate on that statement, and you may have a different opinion, and I still won’t care. HAHA! For me, when Paolo Valenciano pops the proposal question to his girlfriend Sam Godinez, I felt like Is there somebody in the room who wants to give me an equally genuine proposal too? Lo and behold, there was none, only crickets saying kru kru kru and move on, will you! HAHA!

This is my evidence of a bucketful of sugary-flavored feelings. : )

And because I wanted to capture the beauty and sincerity of Paolo’s words, I jotted it down for you (actually for me). Here’s what Paolo said all throughout the nerve-wracking proposal to a long-time girlfriend.

There’s somebody very special here with me tonight.

I wanna talk about somebody who gave me the best six years of my life. She always complains that I never talk, I don’t care, I never tell her how I feel. Well tonight, I wanna let everybody here now know how I feel – she’s given me the best six years of my life and it changed me a lot.

Sam, you know, I wanna wake up every morning seeing your face; and you know, I want you to nag me every night to ask me where I am. I want to make lots of little Paolos and little Sams.

So, uh, I wanna take care of you for the rest of my life and I was just wondering if, you know, will you marry me?

I wanted to include all the filters in the transcript because I totally find it cute – especially when Pao (wow, close lang kame!) is stuttering and almost never finish the whole sentence because he isn’t suppose to cry, but he did– but then I didn’t na lang. Nevertheless, I think the sweetest thing a man can do to her lady is to cry for her, not only in pain, but also in times when he recalls how much he loved and valued her. It’s all sorts of wonderful.

Going back, Pao did not end with a question (to which Sam and I answered Yes), but with a song Ikaw Lamang. He started singing the lines…

Ang puso ko’y ibibigay lamang sa’yo
Ito ang aking pangako
Mula ngayon hanggang magpakailan pa man
Ikaw lamang

In English, I promise that my heart only belongs to you from now until forever. It’s you I will only love. I don’t know if I gave justice translating what the song means because it’s just very beautiful and deep and heartfelt when it is in Tagalog. That’s the power of our language, folks! It stirs you inside out. There’s no amount of translation can equate to what it means. And I love it like that.

See, for all the guys out there, that’s the way you do it. Haha! Never mind your disposition, never mind your nerves, never mind letting other people, or a lot of people, see you cry just to declare a love that you know and felt will last for a lifetime. I always admired guys who can cry when they need to, I find sincerity and vulnerability and comfort in that.

Even when others see love as over-rated, I’m convinced that it’s not. It’s the fire that keeps you going, the inspiration that keeps you fighting, the magic that keeps you flying, the masterpiece that keeps you and your heart shining. Love, love is just about the one thing you could keep and well, love, in this world. It is made for us, each and one of us.

I am twenty and turning twenty-one before the year ends and unlike most of the kids my age, or less than my age, I haven’t gone through any relationship. In Filipino culture, we call that NBSB a.k.a “no boyfriend since birth”. I was never bothered by that thought, though; I was never pressured to have or to be in a relationship. My mother, I know, she wanted me to finish studies before I go through all that boyfriend-girlfriend thing. College is done for me and I still don’t intend to go valley high and find the love of my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted, I really do, to find the perfect match for me. I belong to the group of I-believe-in-fairytales-and-happy-endings-true-love-pixie-dust-shooting-stars. I got a lot of crushes (and one or two which I keep in my heart) just like every female specie alive.

I know when love arrives, it’ll keep me awake until the wee hours of the morning with non-stop chatting and ear to ear churning. It’ll be my umbrella in the rain or the shade in the sunlight. It’ll be a shoulder to rely on when things numb and break and crush that fragile beating called heart. It’ll be the wings beneath my gilded wings as Kimmy Go Donghae said it. It’ll know no difference in falling stars and shooting stars, but it’ll keep my wishes.

I know when love arrives, it can be scary, it can be lost, it can end. But you know, in fear, you’ll find trust; in losing, you’ll get found; in ending, you’ll be starting a new beginning. Love as it is, love is all sorts of wonderful.

I don’t know when will love arrive to me. But when it does, I’ll know it, I’ll know it in my heart – just like Primrose Squarp – without any reason. I might not be prepared and it may caught me off guard, like Sam when Paolo proposed, but that love, that groovy kind of thing will take you and let you go places in a roller coaster ride of emotions – even in pain, you trust; even in the laughter, there are tears dripping of your face; even in darkness, you can see; even in doubt, you can trust and hope and keep on loving. :)